Carroll College’s Marketing and Communications team is working in partnership with Departments across campus to ensure clear and timely communication about the COVID-19 crisis.

Regular Communication

The primary source for the latest COVID-19 information is the College website. This information can be accessed either directly from the home page or by going to All other communications will follow existing protocols.  When there are campus-wide messages about COVID-19 they will come from Dr. John Cech, Carroll College President.  Updates will also occur on social media and in regularly scheduled publications like the Carroll Insider. Stakeholder groups can expect regular updates from:

  • Faculty - Vice President of Academic Affairs - Cathy Day
  • Staff - From your Division or Department Head
  • Current Students - The Interim Dean of Students & Retention - Judy Hay
  • Prospective Students and Parents - Vice President of Enrollment Management & Marketing - Chato Hazelbaker


The Marketing and Communications team should approve all public campus-wide signage regarding COVID-19 as it relates to campus policies, procedures, or actions of the College.  Individual departments can post signs in their areas, consistent with current campus policy, related to keeping a particular area safe or to communicate about specific issues.  When possible, signage should come from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or other well established and reputable medical providers.

Consistent with the Governor’s Task Force recommendation, signage will stay in place throughout the three phases of our plan to adhere to the guidance for social distancing when possible.  However, it is also critically important to understand the need to serve students and the public in ways, that at times, may not allow for social distancing.  This need may necessitate the use of masks, cleaning and other protective measures. The following signage will be implemented:

  • Facilities Signage - The Facilities Department will be creating campus-wide health and safety signage including social distance markers for public spaces, cleaning reminders and healthy hygiene measures.
  • Office Signage - Employees whose office has the potential for walk-in traffic - and where social distancing cannot be maintained - are allowed to post the following notice on their closed office door, an A frame sign, or another holder approved by Marketing and Communications:


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please stand and wait here and we will be with you shortly.

To mitigate risk, please do not enter individual offices.  We can assist you:

  • At the service counter or desk located at XXXXX
  • By Arranging a conference room for a meeting
  • Through an online meeting

You can also contact us at OFFICE EMAIL or by phone at 406-447-XXXX.

Offices need to be sure they clearly define the ways they will continue to efficiently serve students and the general public. This sign may need editing for particular situations, and can be coupled with other signage. For instance, if you are telling individuals to go to a service counter, it should be clear where that counter is, and that counter should have the floor sign indicating six feet distancing from the worker. A template will be provided and must be used for all COVID-19 related signage.

Door signs should be maintained through Phase 2 of our plan. Once we get into Phase 3, in most cases individual office door signs should be removed and if needed, replaced with signage that reminds people of hygiene and social distancing measures. Floor signs indicating 6’ distancing should remain in place until further notice. Offices that are too small to safely meet in, or are occupied by high risk employees, should be closed and signage on the door should clearly indicate the office hours of the occupant and how to contact them. All signage requests or questions can be directed to Chato Hazelbaker or Sydney Hovenkotter.

Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

Student Life and Human Resources will be implementing a training for all faculty, staff, and students that includes:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • How to do a health self-check
  • Procedures for keeping the campus safe
  • Campus guidelines for wearing face coverings
  • Guidelines for shared spaces on campus

Changes to Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures that have changed due to COVID-19 will be listed on the Carroll College website on the Marching Back webpage. Policies and procedures will be posted with clear beginning and end dates. If a policy contradicts or interferes with an existing policy, that policy will specifically be noted. No policy will be changed without being approved through the appropriate and established channels.

General Questions and Media Inquiries

All general questions and media inquiries can be directed to