Zotero: Collaboration

Zotero Groups


Zotero allows scholars to collaborate with each other through participation in Zotero groups.  Zotero groups are essentially bibliographic libraries shared with multiple researchers.  Groups can be private allowing for very specific collaboration or public allowing scholars from across the world to contribute to research efforts.  This can be valuable for working on group projects within a specific class, or for finding scholars worldwide with similar research interests.

Creating a Group

New Group

Creating a new group is easy.  From the Zotero Desktop application:

  1. Click the "New Group" buttonzotero_group_new.png
  2. Complete the New Group formzotero_group_create.png
  3. Configure the group settingszotero_group_gsettings.png
  4. Configure the member settings zotero_group_msettings.png
  5. Configure the library settings zotero_group_lsettings.png

Joining a Group

Finding Groups

Finding groups is easy.  Keep in mind that you will only be able to find groups that are available publicly.  Public groups may allow anyone to join or they may only allow the public to view their libraries.  Either way begin by searching for a group that meets your interest.

  1. Click Groups from Zotero website and choose search for group 
  2. Find the group that matches what you are looking for and either request to join or browse their library


Managing Groups

Managing Groups in Zotero

Once you have joined or created a group you will see it added to your Zotero desktop application as a new library.  Managing this library works exactly like managing your own default library, so all of the information you have learned so far could now be applied to your group library.