Faculty Information Guide: How to show a DVD during an online class

How to show a film during an online class

Need to show a film during your class?

You can stream a DVD during your class online with a few conditions.

What you need to do:

  1. Access to the film, either: ability to stream it directly online (this would be through some personal account you have or through the library's video streaming database, Academic Video Online), or the DVD (could be a library copy or a personal copy). 
    • If you have a DVD, you will also need video software to play the disc on your computer. Contact Academic Technology - Dan Case or Ryan Hazen - for how to get such software and what they recommend (there are free software options, such as VLC player!).
  2. A zoom account and to set up a zoom meeting for the film showing. 


Instructions to stream a DVD or online film during a Zoom scheduled class:

  • Open your video-playing software and pull up the DVD menu or get the online video ready to play. Set any settings as you want them during the film showing (captions, mute your participants, etc.).
  • With your video-playing software open on your computer, start your zoom meeting. Use the “Share Screen” button on the bottom of your Zoom screen to share your screen with all of your participants. Select your video playing software to share (in the screenshot below, we use VLD media player). 

Screenshot of selecting only to view VLC player software in a zoom meeting

  • In Zoom, go to the top of the zoom screen so that the below button menu pops up (it will have a mute button, start video, manage participants, etc.). Use the far right button labeled “More” that has three dots on it. Click this, which will open a sub-menu. Scroll down to “Share computer sound"

Zoom options


  • Make sure that "Share computer sound" and "Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip" are both checked.

Screenshot of VLC player with "Share Sound" option menu under the three dots "More" top level menu option


  • Play your DVD or online video. We recommend you turn your sound up all the way in your playing software. You may want to pause the video a few seconds in to ask your participants if they can hear the sound okay, before resuming.

Please contact library staff if you need assistance. 


There are some restrictions with this practice:

1. You must post a copyright notice on your Moodle course. 


"Material on Carroll College course and project sites may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code), and may be restricted from further distribution, retention or copying. Carroll College’s Copyright Policy and Acceptable Use Policy forbid the use of Carroll resources to copy and distribute copyrighted material without permission. Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials may be subject to civil and criminal liability provided under federal law."

2.  The film can only be streamed during your scheduled class time. If your class is shorter than the duration of the film, you would need to show the film during separate scheduled class periods. You cannot extend your class from 1.5 hours to 3 hours to watch the film in one sitting.

3. You cannot record your Zoom session while streaming/playing the video. The film should only be available for students during the class you plan to show it.  

4. If a student misses your online class when you streamed the film, you could not stream it separately for them; they could come to the library and check out our physical copy and watch it on their own (or they could try to pay to rent it on their own, if it is available).