Faculty Information Guide: If Your Class is Online

What to Know about Accessing Library Resources Online

Corette Library want Faculty to be aware of issues with access to library resources if their class is delivered online. We hope the following information about electronic library resources will assist you in planning for an online course. 


Showing Films in Class 


You can stream a physical DVD during your normal scheduled class time, but there are some things you need to do for this method. More on that here


​Digital/Streaming Media 

Faculty should be aware that not all DVDs are available for the library to purchase individual electronic access to. If you course is delivered entirely online, you may not be able to show a film that you normally would in an in-person class, or which you had planned to put on reserve in the Library for students to access. 

The majority of streaming films academic libraries can purchase are only available in a subscription to an entire collection of films; subscriptions to these start at around $5,000 from the quotes we got Spring 2020. The titles in these collections vary. The library would not able to subscribe to any new streaming packages unless our current budget increased.

Out of the electronic films available, a small percentage are available as digital editions where we download a digital film file and then upload it to Moodle for your students to watch; the quotes we have gotten for these individual titles in FY19-20 range from $295 to $380 per film; this number doesn't include public screening rights. We would own the film for the "life of the file." Another small percentage of films can be purchased individually to stream, but the cost is similar to a digital film file unless you buy a minimum amount of titles. 

To provide public access to films - of which is not always available with digital films - an additional license would need to be purchased (which can be hundreds to thousands of dollars), which would be for a single showing at a specific day and time, and for which the expected audience size would affect the price of the license. 

The Library will support purchases of individual digital/electronic films as our current budget allows. If your deparment purchases the film, the Library can easily provide access to it.


Interlibrary Loan

Depending on what happens during the pandemic and the 2020-2021 school year, some campus libraries may remain closed or could restrict lending their physical materials to external institutions. This happened during the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters. 

Even if Corette Library is willing to request physical items for you, we may not be able to get them. 

In this situation, faculty and students should prioritize requesting chapters of books and journal articles. Institutions have been willing to scan copies of physical materials, so you can access both print and electronic books and journals. However, it is against copyright to copy too much of a book so you would not be able to access an entire text. 

You also should allow for more time to receive interlibrary loan materials (both print and electronic). Many libraries do not have all their staff working in the building, or are only coming in certain days. This means our requests for their materials are going to take longer for them to  approve, process, and send.

There is also no effective way to disinfect/sanitize books; wiping down book covers also damages the item. The public health recommendations we have been following are for inanimate surfaces, as there are no studies that specifically explore how transmissible the coronavirus might be from the most common library materials.

We are quarantining our own Corette Library materials that are returned through the mail for 3 days. (See this American Libraries article for more information that has helped inform our practice).

We will not quarantine ILLs coming from an external institution for you, but we recommend you do this and will give it to you wrapped in a plastic bag.


Course Reserves

How students access your reserve materials will need to change if classes are online and some students are not able to use the library because they are not living in Helena. 

If material aligns with our Collections policy, the library can attempt to purchase access to the book or film electronically as our budget allows and as the material is available electronically (which is not always the case).

Physical reserves are not recommended, as the coronavirus can be transmitted from surfaces such as a book or DVD case. In order to maintain the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, Corette Library will not be supporting physical reserves unless there is no other option. Physical course reserves will be subject to a 48-hour (2 day) quarantine period after each use, which means students will not be able to use material right after each other (such as after a 2-hour checkout period).

We apologize for any incovenience this causes; we are priotizing the health and safety of our community that includes our staff and student employees along with the students, faculty and staff of the college.