Faculty Information Guide: Reserving & Using Library Spaces

General Access to the Library Building


During the Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session, a coded Carroll ID is required to enter the library after 6:00 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. The interior doors are locked at 6:00pm and one interior door has a keycard swipe for Carroll student, faculty and staff access. 

During long breaks (Winter and Summer), the interior doors are all locked and a coded Carroll ID is required at all times.

noun_important_258298.pngWhen a coded Carroll ID is required, there is NO public access to the bulding at this time. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the public is not currently allowed in the library building at any time unless part of an official campus tour. 

Updated hours with restricted hours, holiday closures, and the Winter Break and Summer schedule can be found on the library website.


Faculty After-Hours Access (requires advance notice given Monday - Friday)


Faculty access to the Library outside of scheduled open hours requires advance notice  to the Library Director, and faculty-scheduled entry into the building from Securitas. 

Faculty do not have direct access into the library after-hours. The exterior doors remain locked at all times. 

Faculty can use the following instructions to request access to the Library for after-hours independent work: 

  1. Faculty provides 24 hours' notice betweeen Monday - Friday to the Library Director requesting after-hours access to the building.  Weekend use requests need to be received by Friday at 12pm.  The Library Director is not available on the weekend to approve use.
  2. Once the Library Director approves, Faculty should contact Securitas to schedule a security officer to unlock the building for them at a scheduled time. Faculty will give Securitas 24 hours notice prior to requesting access; entry to the building is entirely dependent on Securitas being available to provide this service. Library staff are not available after-hours for this service.
  3. After unlocking one of the exterior doors to let the Faculty member into the Library lobby, Securitas will lock them inside the building.
  4. Faculty will need their Carroll ID to swipe into the main building from the lobby.
  5. Faculty will exit the building using the Library Staff entrance in the back workroom, ensuring the door is properly closed and locked behind them.


Important Information for Faculty using the Library After-Hours

  1. Be aware of IT Help Desk's operating hours when making after-hour reservations in the Library. Support for any problems with technology in the library that occurs outside their normal business hours will be delayed, or not available until they reopen. 
  2. Library services such as checkout of any materials, or Library Staff support, is not available after-hours. This includes checking out the keycard to access the Lighboard Studio (120).
  3. For assistance with technology in library classroom, and/or training on how to use the Lightboard Studio (120) or Communications Lab (122), contact Dan Case or Ryan Hazen in Academic Technology in advance of your reservation. Room 120 is only available for use after a faculty member has been trained by Dan or Ryan.


Reserving Rooms during Library Open Hours

The Library has several rooms that can be directly reserved by Faculty or Staff for ongoing or one-off classes or events. See a list of available reservable spaces here.

Faculty and staff can place their own requests to reserve library rooms through the Booked app, which can be found on their account homepage after logging into Okta.

Library staff will approve reservations as space is available; ongoing classes take priority. Library staff require at least 24 hours, Monday - Friday, to approve reservations through Booked; reservations are not approved on the weekends, but faculty can use any spaces that are unoccupied. Back-to-back reservations will be given at least a 10-minute "cushion" in between reservations to ensure users can successfully enter and depart a room.

All ongoing/regular classroom reservations need to go through Dayle Williams in Registrar. Library staff add these reservations to Booked once the semester schedule has been finalized.

Contact the library staff for any questions about room reservations.