Faculty Information Guide: Course Reserves

Putting Items on Reserve: Electronic Format Recommended

noun_knowledge_1352665.pngFaculty may request that items be placed on reserve for student and/or Carroll Community use. 

As of 8/20/2021, the library is no longer placing quaratine restrictions on course reserve materials, and these items may be borrowed normally. 

Reserve material will available for checkout at the Front Desk, arranged by the instructor's name. Items will be labeled with: faculty name, course number, checkout criteria. 

Reserve materials will be handled in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: circulating print material from the library collection or provided by the instructor; the purchase of e-books and e-films (as the Library budget allows and as materials are available electronically) to supplant what would have been placed on Reserve. Finally, our current policy is that we do not purchase textbooks for the collection or to be placed on Reserve.  We will not be purchasing e-textbooks either: the majority of e-textbooks are not available for institutions like libraries to purchase for lending purposes.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests within our parameters.

We ask you to be conscious of these limitations when planning your upcoming assignments, such as any library instruction that typically requires many students to access the same item(s), your assignment design, any extra credit assignments, etc.

Some, but not all, library resources can be put on electronic reserve and linked to in your Moodle course. Contact the library to check if the material you want is available as an e-reserve, or search the Library catalog. Also, please consider looking at OER (Open Educational Resources) course materials, which the Library is happy to assist you in identifying. Learn more about OER on our consortia (TRAILS) page here.

There may be some unique cases that need to be considered.  Please let us know and we will see if an exception is feasible.


To request material be placed on reserve:

  1. Complete a reserve form for each item placed on reserve.
  2. Specify checkout duration, and whether or not the item may leave the library*.
    • Note that there are only four classrooms in the library that have DVD/Bluray players and these rooms are in-use much of the time; library computers do not have DVD drives. If you are placing a DVD on reserve, you may want to consider allowing a student to leave to watch it elsewhere for additional access.
  3. Allow 48 business hours processing time (Monday - Friday) when adding an item and 24 business hours processing time when removing an item.
  4. Follow copyright regulations:
  • All physical reserve material must be removed at the end of each semester. Faculty are repsonible for retrieivng their personal material on reserve each semester.  
  • All photocopied material must have a copyright notice stamped on it.
  • No more than one copy of an article or book chapter should be submitted for reserve.
  • Material placed on reserve must be owned by Carroll College or an individual instructor - material from other sources will not be placed on reserve.