Dr. Johnson Library Resources Course Guide: Saints Search Library Catalog

Searching the Saints Search Library Catalog

Finding Physical Books

Understanding Search Results


Shelf Location

Carroll College only has one library on campus so all items available at Carroll College will have a location starting with Carroll College Library.  Within the library we have several distinct shelving locations.  These will tell you where the item is physically inside the building.  Most items will have a location of Lower Level - Stacks, but other locations include Reference, Periodicals, Theses etc..

Library of Congress Classification

Corette Library uses Library of Congress Classification (LC) for the majority of the physical resources in the building.  LC uses letters and numbers to classify material.  Other classification you may encounter when searching the catalog are Dewey Decimal Classification (in use by other libraries) and SuDoc Classification (used to classify Government Documents).  More information about LC Classification

When looking for an item with a LC call number, letters are read alphabetically followed by the number which is read numerically.


Most of the items in Corette library are available for you to borrow.  You can tell if an item is able to leave the building because the Policy will say "Loanable".  Some items are not loanable and are only available for you to use in the building.  These items will typically have the item location of Reference or Periodical.


The section marked Status will show the current status of the item you are looking for.  "Item in place" means that the item is on the shelve and available for you to use.  Other statuses you may find include ILL (loaned to another library), checked out etc...

Using Electronic Books

Understanding EResources

Many of the resources available to you through the library are electronic.  These may be ebooks, journal articles, book reviews, streaming video or more.  EResources will not have a call number but will instead have a link which will take you directly to the service where you can use that resource. 

Most of Carroll EResources require you to be logged in to your Carroll Okta account.

View Online

There can be a number of different services which deliver the EResource to you.  These will be listed under the section labeled View Online.  These different services may have differing coverage for a given resource or may just present a different interface.  


Interlibrary Loan

Not Available?

Sometimes the item you are looking for is not immediately available at Corette.  In this case you can request the book from another library by completing the Interlibrary Loan Form.


Need Help?

We would love to help you with your specific questions on this and any future projects you are working on.  If you'd like to get help from a librarian please Ask Us.