COR 110 Burkholder: Step 5: Use Information

STEP 5: Use Information

STEP 5: Use Information

Congratulations! At this point you have: 

  • Developed and refined your topic 
  • Performed preliminary research and learned more about your topic 
  • Searched, evaluated and selected the resources you are going to use for your assignments
  • Taken notes on your resources and your thoughts throughout this process

You may have already started developing some of your assignment, but it is time to more fully focus on this step of the process. From here, you can:


Questions for pre-writing

Questions for Prewriting

Devising a thesis sentence

            1. What is the subject of your paper?

            2. Why do you want to tell readers about this subject?

            3. What will you say that is new about this subject?

            4. What primary questions will your paper answer?

Developing your thesis sentence

            5. What interrogatory word does your question begin with (such as how, why, when, who, what)?

            6. Does your question ask a yes/no question (beginning with words such as is, was, were, does, has, have and other verbs)? If so, revise it to begin with an interrogatory word.

            7. What method of development does your question imply? Here are samples; you can suggest others:

            How?                                  Means, method, process

            Why?                                  Reasons, causes, explanations

            What?                                 Descriptions, causes, explanations

            What (or why) should?       Reasons, persuasion

            What (or why) can?            Exploration, explanation

            What (or why) will?           Prediction, threat, promise

            What (or why) must?          (past) conjecture, means, process, identification, praise, blame

8. Underline other key words in your question.

9. What do you need to say to answer your question?

10. Write a sentence that answers your question and uses your key words.

11. What does this sentence tell you about how to develop your paper?

By Donna Gorrell. Used with author’s permission 2009