COR 110 Burkholder: Introduction

How To Use this Guide

Use the links on the left of the guide to move through this guide: you will find tutorials and guidance developed by librarians to assist you with your assignments for this specific course. Depending on your topic and your familiarity with the library, you may need to rearrange or recycle these steps. Adapt this outline to your needs.

This guide will help you succeed in COR 110 by:

1.  Teaching you how to use Corette Library resources for your research;

2.  Critically evaluate and analyze the information sources you find;

3.  Implement APA Style formatting in writing

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About the Research Process

noun_important_258298.pngThe Research process is not linear or clean: it is iterative and a little messy. You may move one step forward, only to find yourself two back a minute later as you rework your topic, keywords or thesis statement, or do additional preliminary research to learn more about your topic.

Preliminary research will also help you determine if there is enough information out there for your needs -- and if you can get access to it -- and will set the context of your research. Find out more about preliminary research in Step 1. 

Still Stuck?

noun_leg_stucked_680904.pngStill stuck on what to do?

Remember that you always can, and should, ask for help at any point throughout the research process: knowing when you need to talk to a teacher, tutor or librarian is SMART.

First, try to determine what you need help with and who you should go to for help with that issue:

  • Do you still have questions about the assignment itself? Talk to your faculty member about your concerns and get some clarity.
  • What about your topic itself: are you unsure if it works or is acceptable for your assignment? Your faculty member should be the final say on this, but librarians can help you refine or rework your topic. 
  • Are you confused about what is considered a peer-review source? How to find sources for your assignment? How to format your paper or citations? A librarian is a great source of support for these issues.

noun_mission_2673795.pngStart with whoever you feel comfortable with asking - your faculty, tutor or librarian - and they can further refer you if/as needed.

Remember that they WANT to help you and they want you to be successful with your assignment.

Finally, they are also resources you can use during the research process. 

Guide Credits

This guide was adapted from Columbia Southern University's "How to do research" LibGuide. Accessible from