Course Reserves Policy

This page offers information and assistance for faculty. Students, please see our Student Borrowing Policies.

Before submitting a reserve request, we request that faculty review the changes to course reserve practices have been made because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Completing and Submitting Reserve Requests

  1. Check if an item is available at the library by using Saints Search.
    • If we do not have the item and you want to request that the Library purchases it, complete the purchase request form and indicate that the item is for a class. Allow additional time for Library staff to purchase items.
  2. Complete a separate form for each class. Asterisks/red text indicate required fields.
    • Vague reserve requests (e.g., “all books by Joe M. Smith” or “everything about Star Wars”) will be rejected and you will be asked to provide further information; such requests do not allow Library staff to confirm we have all of the materials you need for your course.
  3. Submit the form:
    • Complete a print form or the electronic form.
      • The print form should be emailed to or dropped off at the library and learning commons' front desk.
    • Do not use the book drop to deposit course reserve items and forms as they can easily become separated. 
  4. Drop off personal and department-owned materials for reserve at the front desk. We retrieve library items for you.
    • If you drop off your materials and form at different times, attach your name to the items.

Processing Time

Note: We cannot process reserves for non-library items until we receive those items. 

Complete forms: Two business days (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) upon receipt of complete form and any personal or department-owned materials. A complete form has all the required fields completed.

Incomplete forms: Three business days (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) upon receipt of an incomplete form and any personal or department-owned materialsAll fields marked as "required" on the form must be entered into our software; additional time is needed to process incomplete forms, as we must research and complete the missing fields. 

Removing a reserve: One business day (Monday-Friday). If you would like a reserve removed earlier than the date you gave when submitting the item, please email the Library Staff at You may pick up personal and departmental items at the front desk. 

Rushed Processing

Corette Library considers course reserves a priority, and Library staff will rush to process them when time allows. Rushed processing is usually not possible at peak times: the beginning of each semester, midterms, and finals.

To ensure course reserves are ready in time for an assignment, please submit a complete form and any personal or department-owned items two business days (Monday-Friday) before you assign a reading.

If you need a reserve rushed, please email the Library Staff at

Copyright Violations and Processing Time

If your items are in violation of copyright restrictions, that may impact processing time. 

We will do our best to create an acceptable "stop gap." For instance, if you submit three photocopies of a book chapter for reserve, we will place one photocopy or the book itself on reserve. 

You will be contacted as soon as a violation is noticed. We will work with you to resolve this issue by purchasing rights to an article, buying the book a chapter is from,  etc. 

Other Policies and Information

Retrieval of personal and department-owned items

Corette Library does not have the facilities to properly catalog, store, and keep track of personal or department-owned items. Because of this, personal and department-owned reserve items must be picked up every semester.

At the discretion of the Library Director, exceptions can be made for departments and professors who place a significant number of items on reserve each semester. 

Copyright Restrictions

The Corette Library adheres to copyright guidelines.  While we are not able to offer legal advice, the Library Staff at are able to offer guidance and suggestions for complying with copyright, and can help purchase copyright clearance to create photocopies.

As a general rule, we can place a single photocopy of a small section of a book on reserve for one semester. After that, we need to either purchase the book or seek copyright clearance to create photocopies of the item.

In some cases, it is less expensive for us to purchase the book than seek clearance for photocopies. We usually prefer the more economic option. 

Copy Services

Instructors may make their own photocopies using the library copier. Our color copier accepts your PIN number or ID number and automatically charges to your print account; you cannot use change to make copies. 

Instructors may also make use of Copy & Print Services at the Bookstore. Copy & Print Services is part of the Bookstore, which is located in the Campus Center (CUBE). 

Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons do not =have an "in-house" copy service for reserve items.


The Corette Library is not responsible if students damage your personal or department-owned items (e.g., by writing in them). If this is a concern of yours, we will gladly attach a note to the cover.

To keep track of reserve items, it is necessary for us to attach stickers to your items. We choose stickers that are designed to be removable with little residue left over; however, they may damage paperback books without a glossy coating, photocopies, etc. If we think a sticker may damage your book, we will off to cover it at no charge to you.  Covering a book does not impact processing time.

Course Reserves Contacts

Library Staff

The library staff processes all course reserves. To submit course reserve forms, request rush processing, or ask questions regarding course reserves, please contact the library staff at or 447-4340.


Updated 07/2020