Student Employment


Library Aides and Deep Cleaners

The Library is currently hiring for the Fall 2021 semester. We also accept resumes on a rolling basis in case there is an opening on our student team later in the semester.

The Corette Library employs a large force of federal work study eligible Carroll students as library aides.  Essential to library operations, library aides perform tasks such as shelving, checking items in and out, providing excellent customser service, and assisting with opening and closing the library. 

We have a new position of "Deep Cleaner" that will focus solely on cleaning the library for one hour once we are closed. We are adjusting our open hours to close early in order to do this work. Staff are typically not present during this shift.

Please read the job descriptions on the student employment page for details about what the library aide and deep cleaner positions entail.  You can apply to one and state that you are interested in both; let us know if you prefer one over the other.

After reading the job description, email a resume to; we no longer use a job application form.

We look forward to working with you!

Non-Work Study Positions

Corette Library does not have positions available to non-work study students.

See Human Resources' employment page to begin your search for non-work study jobs. 

Special Projects and Summer Employment

Library aides who demonstrate exceptional ability for independent work are given special opportunities and tasks, such as book processing and summer employment. These assignments come with the advantage of a a semi-flexible schedule, and sometimes a higher wage. 

If you are interested in these positions, you must first demonstrate success as a library aide or deep cleaner. Please apply for either of our positions (see above) and note you are interested in these opportunities in the future.


If you have questions regarding student employment at the Corette Library, please email