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Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost) Multidisciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,600 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,500 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications, including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. Features PDF content going back as far as 1887, with the majority of full-text titles in searchable PDF format. Cited references are provided for more than 1,400 journals. Broad subject coverage. Articles, Biographies, eBooks, Images/Photos, News, Reference/Dictionaries/Encyclopedias, TRAILS consortium logo 1887 - Present
Academic OneFile (Gale) Peer-reviewed, full-text articles, citations and abstracts from journals and reference sources. Extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects. Articles, Biographies, eBooks, Images/Photos, News, Reference/Dictionaries/Encyclopedias, Videos 1980 - Present
AGRICOLA AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a database created and maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture. The database serves as the catalog and index for the collections of the United States National Agricultural Library, but it also provides public access to information on agriculture and allied fields. The AGRICOLA database is organized into two bibliographic data sets, which must be searched separately. One data set, Online Public Access catalog, contains citations to books, audiovisual materials, serial publications, etc. The other data set, Journal Article Citation Index, includes citations, many with abstracts, to journal articles, book chapters, reports, and reprints, etc. AGRICOLA indexes a wide variety of publications covering agriculture and its allied fields, including, "animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences." Articles, eBooks, Government Documents 1970 - Present
American Chemical Society Web Editions Full Text of more than 50 American Chemical Society journals. Articles, Chemical Structures 1996 - Present
American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955 (EBSCOhost) Comprehensive index of over 93,000 doctoral dissertations accepted by American Universities from 1933-1955. Theses/Dissertations 1933 - 1955
AnthroSource Access all 32 of the American Anthropological Association's peer-reviewed publications. Articles 1888 - Present
ATLA Religion Database (EBSCOhost) Citations to journal articles in >1,700 journals. Full text of 150 journals plus links to full text of 300 journals in Academic Search Premier. The ATLA Religion Database (ATLA RDB) is an index of academic journal articles in the area of religion. It is updated quarterly and published by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA). The database indexes articles, essays, and book reviews related to a wide range of scholarly fields related to religion. The database is available on a subscription basis through a database aggregator. The total database includes over 1.8 million article citations from over 1,700 journals. There are more than a quarter of a million essay citations from more than 18,000 multi-author works. The number of book reviews is over half a million. ATLA indexes multi-author works, such as Festschriften and conference proceedings, with separate records for each essay. Articles 1949 - Present
Art and Architecture Archive (ProQuest) This full-text archive of magazines, comprising key research material in the fields of art and architecture from the late-nineteenth century to the twenty-first, provides an historical record of the art and architecture industries. Subjects covered include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and photography. Detailed information regarding this resource available at https://proquest.libguides.com/artarchitecturearchive Articles, Data/Statistics, Images/Photos, News, Primary Sources 1895 - 2005
Annual Register (ProQuest) The Annual Register provides a detailed, yearly summary of British and world events. It serves as a reference work for current events, and primary source material for researchers interested in history, popular culture, political science, social science, and the humanities. More information available at https://proquest.libguides.com/annualregister Articles, Government Documents, Primary Sources, Reference/Dictionaries/Encyclopedias 1758-present
American Civil War: Letters and Diaries American Civil War: Letter and Diaries contains diaries, letters, and memoirs from over 1,000 published and unpublished sources, providing primary source material on almost every aspect of the Civil War. The collection also includes biographies, an extensive source bibliography, and E.B. Long’s almanac, The Civil War Day by Day. More information available at https://carroll.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://cwld.alexanderstreet.com/cwld.about.html Biographies, Primary Sources 1855-1875
American Film Scripts American Film Scripts Online contains over 1,100 authorized versions of copyrighted screenplays (mostly unpublished), along with detailed information on scenes, characters and people related to the scripts. This resource allows researchers to use film scripts to study a broad range of subjects, including popular culture, diversity and gender issues, language and linguistics, writing, American history, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. More information available at https://carroll.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://afso.alexanderstreet.com/afso.about.html Primary Sources 1903-2007
American Newsreels in Video American Newsreels in Video comprises news footage provided by newsreels shown at the beginning of feature films during the years leading up to and during World War II. Newsreels produced by the U.S. Office of War Information and Universal Newsreel contain over 200 hours of video (with full transcripts available), allowing researchers access to primary source materials that had significant social and political impact. Primary Sources, Videos 1929-1946
American Indians and the American West (1809-1971) (ProQuest) This collection includes primary source materials documenting the interaction of American Indians, white settlers and the U.S. government during the 19th and 20th centuries. More information available at https://proquest.libguides.com/historyvault/amerindians Government Documents, Images/Photos, Primary Sources 1809-1971
American Politics and Society from JFK to Watergate (1960 -1975) (ProQuest) Primary source materials from the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon presidencies, various federal agencies, and the Associated Press, support academic research in women’s rights, environmental policy, urban renewal, rural development, tax reform, civil rights, space exploration, international trade, the War on Poverty, and the Watergate trials. More information available at https://proquest.libguides.com/historyvault/politics1960 Primary Sources 1960-1975
American Periodicals (ProQuest) American Periodicals Series Online and American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries contain digitized images of pages from historically significant American magazines and journals (with original typography, drawings, graphic elements, and article layouts). This collection provides researchers access to primary source materials that chronicle American culture and thought as represented in special interest and general magazines, literary and professional journals, trade journals, and children’s and women’s magazines. More information available at https://proquest.libguides.com/americanperiodicals/about and https://proquest.libguides.com/americanperiodicals/apsconstruction Articles, Images/Photos, Primary Sources 1740-1940
American Antiquarian Society [AAS] Historical Periodicals Collection (EBSCOhost) This digitized primary source collection contains over 6,500 historical periodical titles documenting American history and culture from the Colonial Era through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Articles, Primary Sources 1684-1912
Academic Video Online [AVON] Academic Video Online is a comprehensive streaming video collection. It delivers more than 68,000 titles spanning a range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. The depth of content and breadth of content-types (such as documentaries, films, demonstrations, etc.) in Academic Video Online makes it a useful resource for all types of study. Videos, TRAILS consortium logo