Degree Requirements

Minor in Latin American Studies

Students will complete at least 19 credits and have completed language acquisition in an approved language through the intermediate level. (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, or Latin American native languages, for example Nahuatl, Quechua, Maya-Quiché, Aymará, Guaraní or another approved language). 

I. Minor Program Requirements

Students must complete all four of the following courses:

  • MLAS 200 Gateway Course in Latin American Studies
  • HIST 271 History of Modern Latin America.
    • This class is not currently offered at Carroll College and will be substituted with another course
  • SP 303 Introduction to Spanish & Latin American Civilization & Culture. 
  • MLAS 495 Capstone in Latin American Studies. (1-3 credits)

Interdisciplinary Courses
Students must complete 9 credits from the list, only 6 of which may be Spanish courses:

  • AN/SO 204 Cultural Anthropology
  • AN/SO 317 Ethnic and Racial Relations
  • ENLT 489 US Latino/a Literature
  • ES 121 Environmental Science
  • ES 300 Environmental Field Studies (Tropical Ecology only)
  • PO 102 Intro. to Comparative Politics
  • PO 348 International Negotiation (Argentina, Chile, Mexico only)
  • SP 150/250/350 Intensive Spanish Immersion
  • SP 305 Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Literature
  • SP 306 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • SP 320 Spanish for the Professions
  • SP 403-404 Topics in Latin American Culture and Literature of Latin America I and II
  • SP 410 Topics in Spanish and Latin American Film Studies
  • TH 264 Theologies of Liberation or completion of a course approved by an MLAS faculty advisor

    Or completion of a course approved by an MLAS faculty advisor.