Spanish Education (K-12) Degree

Spanish Education (K-12) at Carroll College

Interested in becoming a Spanish teacher? Carroll College's Spanish program in collaboration with the Teacher Education program offers teacher training to meet certification for the purposes of teaching Spanish. In preparation for licensure, students major in Spanish Education (K-12) and minor in Secondary education from a discipline other than Spanish. Program requirements for Montana state licensure include successful participation in an approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country, acceptance into the Teacher Education program and successful complete of the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) oral proficiency examination.

The curriculum is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach Spanish language and literature effectively, using efficient strategies and up-to-date techniques.

Small class sizes, relevant content and individualized advising, plus a variety of classroom observational and student teaching experiences will enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare teachers to teach Spanish in grades K-12.


Of course, the most significant opportunity for employment is teaching. As a bilingual person great opportunities exist for employment as a translator and interpreter here in the United States and abroad. The Spanish speaking population is growing rapidly in the U.S. and with this demographic change there is a need for programs and services geared toward Spanish-speaking people. This includes everything from marketing and advertising, social services and medical care

10 reasons to choose carroll college for Spanish Education (K-12)

  1. Commitment to academic excellence
  2. Small class size
  3. Undergraduate research opportunities
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Faculty dedicated to students
  6. Post-graduate success
  7. The great outdoors is your backyard
  8. Numerous study abroad opportunities
  9. Opportunities for internships
  10. Professors that know you personally