French (K-12)

French (K-12) at Carroll College

Interested in becoming a French teacher? Carroll College's French program in collaboration with the Teacher Education program offers teacher training to meet certification for the purposes of teaching French. In preparation for licensure, students major in French Education (K-12) and minor in Secondary education from a discipline other than French. Program requirements for Montana state licensure include successful participation in an approved study abroad program in a French-speaking country, acceptance into the Teacher Education program and successful complete of the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) oral proficiency examination.

The curriculum is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach French language and literature effectively, using efficient strategies and up-to-date techniques.

Small class sizes, relevant content and individualized advising, plus a variety of classroom observational and student teaching experiences will enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare teachers to teach French in grades K-12.


The goal of Carroll College’s teacher education program is to assist students in developing teaching competencies in their chosen fields and help them become educational leaders capable of responding to their students’ individual needs. Teacher education graduates will demonstrate competence in the 10 INTASC standards, as well as three additional Montana standards. The following dispositions, skills, and knowledge are to be viewed in conjunction with specific goals and objectives established for the college and for each required professional education course.


I. Program Requirements

  • FR 101-102 Elementary French I and II*
  • FR 203-204 Intermediate French I and II*

Nine upper-division credits in French in residence at Carroll, including:

  • FR 303-304 French Grammar

Two of the following French courses:

  • FR 301 Littérature Francophone de l’Afrique Francophone et des Antille Françaises
  • FR 302 French Literature through the 18th Century
  • FR 401 or 402 French Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • FR 403 Le Français en Action
  • FR 404 Le Conte Français

*See page 28 for Language Placement Guidelines.

II. Other Program Requirements

  • LL 400 Theories and Methods of Learning and Teaching Language
  • PSY 227 Child Psychology and PSY 228 Adolescent Psychology (or only PSY 203 Developmental Psychology) 
  • Successful participation in an approved program of study in a French speaking country for at least one summer session or semester.

III. Teacher Licensure
To obtain teacher licensure in French K-12, a student must complete:

  • ED 408 Student Teaching in the Minor Area or ED 410 Student Teaching