Global Learning

Luke spent a semester studying abroad in Ireland. He showed off his Montana pride on the Cliffs of Mohr.

Expand Your Horizons

Students of International Relations gain a tremendous amount from studying abroad. It is one thing to learn the history or political dynamics of a country, but it's another to hear directly from professors, students and others in that country as they explain how they see the world.

The International Relations program is designed so that it is easy to study abroad as part of your Carroll education. We recommend that you study abroad during the fall semester of your junior year. By waiting until your junior year, you will have the chance to acquire crucial background knowledge and (in some cases) language skills at Carroll before you travel.

The faculty in International Relations will help you pick the destinations and programs that fit your interests and career goals. You should also work with our dedicated Global Learning Office, which may be able to provide scholarships to support your trip. At Carroll, we get you ready to travel, learn and connect.

Global Learning Opportunities