ISN Resources

International Students

Shannon Ackeret, Director, Global Learning, Borromeo Hall 110, Website

Academic Resources

Kevin Hadduck, Accessibility & Testing Center Coordinator, Borromeo 115, Website

World Montana

At WorldMontana®, our mission is to further the cause of citizen diplomacy through global exchanges, community engagement, and leadership development. We organize programs for international visitors to meet their professional counterparts in Montana, as well as youth programs for international students.

We invite Carroll students and faculty to join us for events and presentations at the college. Students may also become members and are invited to apply for student internships. Our office is located at 108 St. Charles Hall. Website

Faculty Contact Resources

  • Jennifer Glowienka, Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, St. Charles 114
  • Patrick Harris, Director for Student Activities and Leadership, approval of advertising materials, Borromeo 114
  • Jeff Wald, Marketing and Public Relations Division, for assistance with website and events, St. Charles 118

Organizational Charts of Administration, Faculty, Staff

Human Resources

Karla Smith
Director of Human Resources
(406) 447-5501
All complaints or any concerns about conduct that may violate the list of prohibited behaviors under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972--discrimination, retaliation, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence--should be reported to:

Annette Walstad
Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator
Borromeo Hall 102
(406) 447-5434