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Dr. Soumitree Gupta

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I am an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Languages and Literature. My teaching and research interests include postcolonial studies, diaspora studies, comparative race and ethnic studies, trauma and memory studies, and transnational gender studies. I identify myself as diasporic, South Asian, woman of color, anti-racist feminist, LGBTQ ally etc., depending upon the context. I’ve learned from the best of my mentors and life experiences that our identities are not fixed or singular, but are contingent, fluid, and context-specific. My interests in postcolonial, race and ethnic studies stem from my personal genealogies as a postcolonial subject who grew up, listening to her maternal grandmother’s testimony of being displaced from her natal home and community in Dhaka (now in Bangladesh) on the eve of the 1947 Partition in South Asia. My grandmother’s lived memory of Partition—coupled with my own experiences as a diasporic subject and woman of color in the US—have played a crucial role in shaping my intellectual interests. As part of the Intercultural Students Network, I look forward to interacting with students from diverse communities. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email and/or come by my office for a chat!  

Dr. Dean Pavlakis

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Born and raised in Buffalo, NY as the grandson of Greek immigrants, Dr. Pavlakis’s academic interests include modern European history, sub-Saharan African history, colonialism and humanitarianism. 

In addition to his enthusiasm for the study of history, Dr. Pavlakis tries to  taking advantage of the outdoors (not strenuously!) as well as sharing his indoor interests in music of all kinds, theater, strategy games (Diplomacy, Risk, miltary strategy), archival research, and Tolkien. He has done several leisurely biking tours in Europe and is always hoping to do one more.

Dr. Elvira Roncalli

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Associate Professor & Chair, Philosophy. My “international experience” began when, as an exchange student, I spent a year in the U.S.A, lived with a family and graduated from Ledyard High School,  in Connecticut. After returning to Italy, my home country, I went on to study philosophy at the Università degli Studi di Milano, and during that time I spent a year in Belgium, at the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven, on an Erasmus  scholarship from the European Community. I ended up living in Belgium for 10 years!

My love for philosophy was born out of my experience with people and cultures different than my own; there is no better way to question one’s beliefs, as philosophy urges us to do, than to place oneself outside of one’s familiar culture.

I have been at Carroll College since 2005.

Dr. Grant Hokit

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I was raised in a small, agricultural community in Southwestern Colorado near the Ute Reservation and with many Latino childhood friends. A first-generation college student and passionate about rural and remote regions, I decided to not stop with my undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University and pursued a Ph.D. in Zoology from Oregon State University. After my first job at a large university (University of Florida), I was able to return to the rural region of the Rocky Mountain West and began teaching at Carroll College in 1996. My career has provided me the opportunity to travel broadly and interact with indigenous cultures in the Amazon, Alaska, Belize, Australia and Northern Africa. Although my research focuses on the ecology and conservation of natural systems, I have learned first-hand the value of indigenous knowledge of local peoples. Most recently I have worked with four tribal communities in Montana to help understand and combat the spread of mosquito borne disease in rural, agricultural communities and across Montana.

Dr. Doreen Vivian Kutufam

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Doreen Vivian Kutufam is currently an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. Since completing her PhD at Syracuse University, Professor Kutufam has worked to establish a new TV Production program in the Communication Studies department at Carroll College. She previously taught at the National Film and Television Institute, the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana and Central University College all in Accra, Ghana. Professor Kutufam is a Fulbright Scholar and she has written and presented at various national and international conferences.

Aside from teaching, she has worked on a number of advertising, documentary and feature film productions, including a recent feature film with notable African filmmaker, Mr. Kwaw Ansah. Dr. Kutufam recently returned from her sabbatical leave in Ghana where she was a visiting scholar at Central University College. Whilst in Ghana, she also worked on a documentary project on Dipo—a puberty rite of the Krobo people in the eastern region of Ghana.

Her research focuses on race, gender and class in mass media, as well as the use of audio-visual media as a tool for health education, with special emphasis on Africa.

Dr. Ryan Hallows

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Ryan Hallows is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Carroll College. He was first attracted to the college by Carroll’s dedication to a rigorous liberal arts education and the ability to work closely with students throughout their academic careers. Dr. Hallows is originally from Northern California and has lived in Washington State, Indiana and Virginia. Before coming to Carroll College, Dr. Hallows taught at Concord University in West Virginia, Indiana University-Bloomington and Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. He received his PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington (2012) in Hispanic Literature. Dr. Hallows has experience traveling, working and living in Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Dr. Hallows speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

When Dr. Hallows isn’t on campus you can find him enjoying a good movie at the theater, listening to podcasts and music, hiking, camping and fishing in the great outdoors. Dr. Hallows is a practicing falconer and enjoys working with birds of prey. When he has time, he enjoys volunteering at the Montana Wildlife Rehabilitation center working with their raptors. 

Dr. Alan Hansen

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I am originally from Idaho. After my first year of college I lived in Argentina for two years as a missionary for my church. After graduating from Boise State University, my new bride Nicole and I moved to Albany, New York where I did my graduate work in Sociology and Communication at the University at Albany, SUNY. My dissertation work was a case study involving the work of an Hispanic grassroots organization. After Albany, Nicole and I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas with two small children, where I worked at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. After seven years in South Texas, Nicole and I moved with (by then) our three children. This was in 2008. My teaching areas are in culture and communication. My research areas are in discourse and cultural identity.

Dr. John Ries

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Associate Professor & Chair, Theology.  I was born and grew up in St. Louis. I thought my journeys into the broader world began when I studied philosophy in college there, but then I actually went “abroad”… I studied theology for two years at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome, and then returned to the US to study philosophy again. For further graduate studies in philosophy and theology I returned to Europe to study in an international program at the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven, Belgium – for 12 years.  My programs, work and life were filled with and enriched by peoples from very many places of diverse cultures, languages, histories, etc.  I came to Carroll College in 2004 and so many of those people and experiences are still with me and help nourish my thinking, questions and imagination.