Indy - Adopted

Hi everyone. My name is Indy. I’m currently living with my foster moms at Carroll College. This school year I am participating in the Carroll College Anthrozoology program. I have been learning a great deal while living here. I’ve been told that I’m very smart and eager to learn. I’ve been learning to sit, lay down, and stay. My foster moms and I have also been working on crate training and walking on a long line. I’ve learned some fun tricks like speak and to go over a small jump when my foster moms say “Indiana Jones”. Something big that I am training for is the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen at the end of the semester. Some things that I enjoy are laying on fuzzy blankets, giving kisses, playing with rope tug toys, going on long walks, and snuggles when I’m sleepy. I am looking for a home that is moderately active with school age kids and potentially other dog-friendly dogs. I look forward to learning scent work and agility next semester. Keep up with my training and my adventures while in the Anthrozoology program.

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