IMPACT Business Campaign

Spring 2022 Helena Business Opportunity!

We are grateful for our local businesses who support Carroll students by giving back to the IMPACT Annual Fund. 
This spring we'd love to highlight your business during Saints Giving Day : a 24-hour virtual campaign that will engage Carroll students, alumni, parents and friends.  By making a gift and opting to be a Saints Giving Day Challenge sponsor your gift and business will be highlighted and will also encourage others to support!
Please email by March 11th if you would like to be a Saints Giving Day Challenge sponsor.
Example of 2022 Saints Giving Day Challenge sponsor gift:
If 50 recent alumni (Classes 2011-21) make a gift, $500 will be released to the Cause that received the most gifts from recent alumni.

IMPACT Business Campaign FAQ's

This campaign gives businesses and supporters of Carroll College the opportunity to give back in support of the IMPACT Annual Fund or another area on campus they are passionate about.
The annual fund's fiscal year begins July 1 and closes on June 30 of the following year. Although the main solicitations for this campaign will take place in the months of February, March and April, we will continue to receive gifts from businesses in our community throughout the year. All of these contributions will count towards our percent participation goals that we report at the end of each fiscal year.
The annual fund is a year-round fundraising program that provides funds to address the college's most essential needs, especially student scholarships. The mission of Carroll's annual fund is to develop a culture of giving back to the College through encouraging annual gifts by educating alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents concerning the needs of the College and gaining their involvement in all aspects of Carroll's mission.

IMPACT Gift – The Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and Carroll's operating budget. Carroll's tuition income does not cover the full amount of a Carroll education. The Annual Fund assists the college's annual operating budget in providing support such as scholarships, financial aid, and numerous special donor interests. With 99% of full-time students receiving financial aid, funds raised through IMPACT allow students the opportunity to attend Carroll and receive an excellent education.

Restricted Gift - If you would like to contribute during the Campus Campaign to a restricted fund you can opt to designate your gift. Gifts may be designated to assist in many areas such as support of academic departments, professional development, or the Corette Library. Annual Fund gifts not otherwise designated support Carroll students through scholarships and financial aid. Curious if your department has a fund you can contribute to? Contact Wendy Tonkovich #4406 to check current fund accounts.

St. Charles Borromeo Guild - Members of the St. Charles Borromeo Guild make annual unrestricted gifts to Carroll at the following leadership levels.

  • Guild Member $1,000-$1,499
  • Guild Mentor $1,500-$2,499
  • Guild Associate $2,500-$4,999
  • Guild Fellow $5,000-$9,999
  • Guild Advisor $10,000+

The Guild ensures that Carroll can provide students with a learning environment that emphasizes Catholic values, promotes service to others, and prepares them professionally and spiritually.

Contributors to the annual fund include alumni, parents, and friends of Carroll, faculty and staff members, local businesses, corporations, foundations, and members of the senior class. All have benefited from Carroll, some directly, others indirectly – and all ensure that Carroll continues its tradition of excellence. Many outside of the college are humbled to know that our local community businesses support the institution in this way. As a Helena business, you see firsthand the good that Carroll does because you are a unique part of it. Your participation in the campaign will inspire the involvement of donors everywhere.
Yes! Every gift helps provide an affordable education for our students. The combined impact of many annual fund gifts is substantial. The higher our giving percentages, the more likely corporations and foundations are to become benefactors. Your gift counts!

Here are the different ways you can contribute during the Business Campaign:

  • One-time credit card gift - give online now.
  • Check - send a gift to Carroll College attn: Kellie Dold, OIA, 1601 N. Benton Ave.  Helena MT 59625

Your support during the IMPACT Business Campaign

creates opportunities, fosters success and builds tomorrow’s leaders.

Thank you for giving back.

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How do I make my Business Campaign Gift?

  • One time credit card gift - click the GIVE NOW button
  • Check- send gift to Carroll College attn: Kellie Dold, OIA, 1601 N. Benton Ave.  Helena MT 59625
  • Call-