Hearst Grant Summary of Activities

Year One – 2015/2016

  1. Summer/Fall 2015
    1. Humanities Grant – Info Session for Faculty
  2. Spring 2016
    1. Workshop on Undergraduate Research with CUR consultants
    2. Workshop on Integrative learning with Evergreen College Consultants
    3. ILC new courses awarded to:
      1. Dr. Glowienka (Philosophy) & Dr. Angel (Psychology): "The Elusive Self,"  Spring 2018
      2. Dr. Hall (Theology) & Dr. Cash (History): "Atrocity, Suffering and God,”  Spring 2017
      3. Dr. Gupta (Literature) & Dr. Kutufam (Communications): "Global Cinema," Spring 2017
  3. Summer Undergraduate Research Projects awarded to
    1. Chloe Hendrickson & Dr. Gupta, Literature – "The 'Mad' Woman in Euripides' Medea and Feminist, Queer, and Decolonial Revisions"
      Kavida Naidu & Dr. Roncalli, Philosophy – "Re-examining the Notion of Body Image, in Light of Merleau-Ponty"
      Samantha French & Dr. Cash, History "The Needs of the Time: An Analysis of Adaptations made by the Helena YWCA 1911­-1956."
    2. Deundra Shackelford & Kim Shire, Theatre, "Patient Actors"

Year Two – 2016/2017

  1. Fall 2016
    1. Students Kavida Naidu and Chloe Hendrickson, presented their paper at the North Idaho Conference in the Humanities, 4-5 November.
    2. Lunch & Learn on Undergraduate Research: students and faculty shared their experience, challenges and what they have learned.
  2. Spring 2017
    1. Lunch & Learn on ILC courses: Faculty who have created new ILC courses shared their experience about creating and teaching these new courses, challenges and lessons learnt.
    2. Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities: a regional humanities conference hosted on the Carroll campus March 31- April 1, 2017.  The conference theme, "Hope and Fear,” addressed the mood of collective fear that appeared to dominate our current social, political, and religious landscape.  The conference featured thematic panel discussions, lunch addresses, and an evening lecture by the nationally known historian, Neil Irvin Painter.
    3. Six papers presented at the Conference will be published in a special issue of the journal Soundings, forthcoming February 2018.
    4. ILC new courses awarded to:
      1. Dr. Graham (Literature) & Dr. Roncalli (Philosophy): "Philosophy & Poetry," Fall 2018
      2. Dr. Pavlakis (History) & Dr. McManus (Psychology): "Understanding the Holocaust, History & Psychology," Fall 2018
    5. Summer Undergraduate Research Projects Awarded to
      1. Sarah Hayden (History) & Dr. Roncalli (Philosophy): “Commitment and Love”
      2. Freddy Gray (Theology) & Dr. Ries (Theology): “Eschatology, Eucharist and Sacrifice”

Year Three – 2017/2018

  1. Fall 2017
    1. Lunch and Learn on Undergraduate Research: students and faculty share their experience working on a research project
    2. Poems on many tongues, 15 November, 5:00 -6:15PM: international students and faculty read poems in many languages
  2. Spring 2018
    1. Lunch and Learn on ILC courses: faculty share their experience in creating and teaching a new ILC course, challenges and lessons learnt.