Housing Sign Up Process

Housing Sign Ups for 2018-2019

Trinity Squatter-thon:

If you are a 3rd year or above living in Trinity or Borro, you may "squat" your suite for next year by emailing the Student Life Office at studentlife@carroll.edu with your request (including the names of all intended suitemates) by Monday, February 26th at noon.  All suitemates must turn in housing and meal plan forms by Tuesday, February 27th at 5pm in order to finalize your reservation.  After Tuesday at 5pm, we will not be able to guarantee your same space.  (Trinity residents - please look for email containing more details)

Current 3rd Year or Above:

If you are currently in your third year of college or above, you may sign up for housing starting Tuesday, February 27th at 9am in the Student Life Office - O'Connell 208.  The office will be open 9am - 5pm daily.  You will need to drop off housing and meal plan forms for all members of a room or suite in order to reserve it.  If you are interested in Trinity, but are not currently living there, you will not be able to pick your suite until Wednesday, February 28th.  Rooms will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis though noon on Thursday, March 1st.  We will continue to take new applicants after March 1st as space allows.  

1st and 2nd Year Housing Sign Ups:

Current 1st and 2nd years can sign up for housing on Thursday, March 1st in the Guad Fishbowl.  2nd Years will start at 5pm, 1st years at 6pm, or whenever the 2nd year line is empty, whichever comes first.  You will need to have a Housing Reservation Agreement and a Meal Plan Form to sign up (blank copies will be available at Housing Sign Ups or in the Student Life Office).  One person may turn in the paperwork for an entire room or suite.  If people opt to line up before 5pm, at least one person must be physically present in line at all times to "hold" a spot.  Students may not start lining up before 10am.  Any student looking to return to their same room in Borro, St. Charles or 1st St. Joe's Guad - please email your interest to studentlife@carroll.edu by Monday, February 26th at noon.   

Accommodations and Exceptions:

If you need any kind of accommodation or exception for housing and/or dining, please submit your Exception Request and all necessary documentation by Friday, February 23rd at 5pm to the Student Life Office in O'Connell 208.  If you currently have a housing accommodation that requires a housing placement prior to March 1st - please stop by Student Life as soon as possible to make arrangements for next year.  


Once you submit your housing reservation agreement and reserve a space, you are committing to living on campus for 2018-2019.  If you are going to be a 3rd year or above and cancel your contract in order to live off campus, there is a $600 cancellation fee until August 1st, 2018.  After that, you will be held to the full room and board amount.  The cancellation fee does not apply to those who separate from Carroll College.  


  1. Do I need a proxy form?  No, we are no longer requiring proxy forms for other people to sign you up for housing, we just ask that you please fill out and sign your Housing Reservation Agreement and Meal Plan Form with your preferences/roommates section filled out so we can clearly see what you want.  
  2. Do I get to choose my room? Yes, you will choose your exact room placement when you participate in Housing Sign Ups.
  3. How do I know what is available?  We will be maintaining display boards in Student Life throughout the week, and during Housing Sign Ups on Thursday night in Guad.  You can stop by any time to see in real time what is still available.  
  4. I'm leaving early for Spring Break, what should I do?  You can send your paperwork with a student who is planning to participate in Housing Sign Ups, or, if you are not picky about your room for next year, you can stop by Student Life the week after Spring Break to sign up.  Note that 2nd year students are required to live on campus, and if you haven't signed up for Housing and Dining by April 1st, you will be assigned to a room and a meal plan.  
  5. I'm a 1st or 2nd Year signing up with a 3rd Year student, do I need to come in on Thursday?  No, a room or suite should all sign up together, and can sign up with the oldest student's sign up timeframe.  
  6. There are 4 of us signing up for Trinity, do we all need to be in line? No, only one person in a room or suite needs to be in line at a time, or present to sign eveyrone up, as long as they have everyone's signed paperwork with indicated preferences in hand.