Become a CA

How to be a CA for 2019-20: If you are interested in applying to be a CA for the 2019-20 academic year, application information will be posted at the end of the Fall 2018 semester. Until then, feel free to look through the papers from this year's hiring process to learn more about what next year's will most likely entail:


If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask your CA! You may also contact AD Micheal Ames at

Why Apply?

We asked some of our current CA’s why they applied and here were their responses! Questions:

  1. Why did you apply to be a CA?
  2. What is something you enjoy about being a CA?
  3. What is a challenge to being a CA?
  4. What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to be a CA?

  1. Madison FernandezI applied to be a CA because I took the seminar class that Emily Weideman (Assistant Director) taught and also because TJ (a Community Advisor) encouraged me to apply.
  2. I enjoy how close I am with my staff and how supportive we are of each other.
  3. That not a lot of people show up to programs, and no matter how hard you work there's always someone that isn't happy with your effort.
  4. If you love being creative and getting to know people, this is the job for you. Don't do it just for the money or free room do it because you want to otherwise you won't be totally successful. 

- Madison Fernandez, CA Trinity Hall 2nd Floor 2017-18

  1. Connor Jones I met so many people my first year at Carroll through CA's, in different buildings and many different Carroll activities, they were always so excited about whatever they were working on, meeting new people, and their residents. I wanted to become a part of that, welcoming people into their first year at Carroll.
  2. Getting to help freshmen (resident) ideas come to fruition. You will find/learn about hobbies, hopes and dreams that you have never heard of or thought about from your residents. Being a CA is a very good excuse to insert yourself into people's often very curious and interesting lives. I have seen residents start clubs, find unknown passions, try new things, and find a potential calling in life and it's very satisfying to know that living in a community helped foster that.
  3. Planning and commitment management. Everyone has classes, many people have other activities: athletics, theatre, clubs; being a CA you have to learn to say no, learn to plan ahead more than you ever normally would (seriously). Being a CA you will come to know your personal limits.
  4. Look very thoroughly at not only your upcoming semester's class wise but in terms of commitments. Know that you will be giving a lot of time to others and there are very rewarding as well as more difficult aspects of that. Talk to a current CA, TWO current CA's as many as you can find, we'll love to talk to you.

-Connor Jones, CA Guadalupe Hall 3rd Floor 2017-18, Student Building Manager (SBM) St. Matthew's and St. Catherine's Apartments 2018-19

  1. Emily Holland I applied to be a CA because I wanted to be a bigger part of the Carroll community. I grew up in a small, close-knit community, and I missed that. It was a great leadership opportunity, and I’ll be honest, the benefits seemed pretty sick.
  2. I enjoy the crafting, and getting to know and be a part of all of my residents’ Carroll College experience. I also really love how close I’ve gotten with my fellow CAs.
  3. It can be an intimidating balancing act. One of the hardest things is that you can’t always plan when you'll be needed, so being on top of your homework and other commitments is really important.
  4. DO IT! Even if you don’t get one of the positions, it is a really good experience for applying and interviewing and can prepare you for future interviews for other jobs. But also be honest with yourself. You need to genuinely think you could enjoy being a CA, and that you’re not just doing it for the free housing.

- Emily Holland, RAD Guadalupe Hall 1st Floor 2017-18