French Degree Requirements

French Major Requirments

I. Major Program Requirements
Twenty-four semester credits of upper-division French courses
beyond FR 204, including:

  • FR 303-304 French Grammar

II. Other Program Requirements
1. Two upper-division French courses (FR 301, FR 302, FR 401,
FR 402, FR 403, FR 404)
2. Successful participation in an approved program of study in a
French-speaking country. French majors may choose to study
abroad either:
a.) One academic year and take 12 upper-division credits in
residence at Carroll, or
b.) One semester or two summers and take 18 upper-division
credits in residence at Carroll.
A semester or year-long exchange opportunity exists at the
Université de Caen Basse-Normandie.
3. Students who are taking courses abroad must take
corresponding examinations abroad in order to receive credits
at Carroll. No credits will be accepted at Carroll for any
examination with less than a “C” or a 2.00 grade in the course
abroad. Credits will be accepted only for students returning to
4. Students are responsible for sending an original copy of their
foreign transcripts, as well as a translation of it, directly to the
Registrar's Office.
Note: A minimum of 12 credits of upper-division French courses must
be taken in residence at Carroll.

Minor in French Education (K-12)

I. Program Requirements

  • FR 101-102 Elementary French I and II*
  • FR 203-204 Intermediate French I and II*

Nine upper-division credits in French in residence at Carroll,

  • FR 303-304 French Grammar

Two of the following French courses:

  • FR 301 Littérature Francophone de l’Afrique Francophone
  • et des Antille Françaises
  • FR 302 French Literature through the 18th Century
  • FR 401 or 402 French Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • FR 403 Le Français en Action
  • FR 404 Le Conte Français

*See Language Placement Guidelines.

II. Other Program Requirements

  • LL 400 Theories and Methods of Learning and Teaching Language
  • PSY 227 Child Psychology and PSY 228 Adolescent Psychology
  • or only PSY 203 Developmental Psychology

And successful participation in an approved program of study in a
French speaking country for at least one summer session or semester.

III. Teacher Licensure

To obtain teacher licensure in French K-12, a student must complete:

  • ED 408 Student Teaching in the Minor Area
  • or ED 410 Student Teaching

IV. Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and Student

Teacher Education Program: Students pursuing academic
programs that lead to teacher licensure must seek admission to
the teacher education program by the end of their sophomore

Student Teaching: In the spring semester of the junior
year, all preservice teachers must seek admission to student

1. All French education (K-12) students must meet the following requirements; 1) earn a grade of "C" or better in all Professional Education Requirements, Minor Program Requirements, and Other Program Requirements; 2) earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average, and 3) earn a minimum 2.65 grade point average in Minor Program Requirements, Other Program Requirements, and Professional Education Requirements.

2. See Secondary Education Requirements and Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Education.

French Minor Requirements

In order to earn a minor in French, a student must successfully
complete 12 semester credits of upper-division courses (beyond FR