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CFP® Board Registered Certificate Program: Course Rotation and Program Information

The Financial Planning Certificate program is offered as part of our growing graduate and professional studies initiative, as well as an addition to the undergraduate choice of certificates. Graduate and professional studies support the Carroll mission to serve our community and its educational needs. This program is offered completely online.

CertificateSummer ISummer IIFallSpring
BA 314: Foundations of Investment Planning (2 hours) XX 
BA 318: Foundations of Financial Planning (3 hours)X X 
BA 411: Investment Planning (1 hour) X X
BA 412: Insurance Planning (2 hours) X X
BA 414: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits (3 hours)*X  X
BA 415: Federal Taxation (3 hours)  X 
BA 421: Estate Planning (3 hours)  X 
BA 451: Advanced Financial Planning/Case Studies (3 hours)**   X

* Intensity of course makes this need to be offered over 12 weeks in the summer
** Capstone (must be taken last - if enough demand, could also offer 12-week summer)

Suggested fast-track
based on start time
SpringSummer ISummer IIFallSpring
Spring StartBA-411BA-318BA-314BA-415BA-451
Spring StartBA-412BA-414 BA-421 
Summer Start BA-318BA-314BA-415BA-451
Summer Start BA-414BA-411BA-421 
Summer Start  BA-412  

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition is $500 per credit hour. There will be additional course fees per semester to cover technology and administrative fees. There will be a $200 deposit that will be applied directly to the semester bill.


BA-314: Foundations of Investment Planning. Foundations of Investment Management is a required course for financial planning certificate students. Students will learn and implement the fundamentals of investment planning in various topic areas including risk and reward, basic valuation calculations for equities and debt instruments, and examine the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009.

BA-318: Foundations of Financial Planning. Foundations of Financial Planning is a course designed to give students a first-hand look at the various components that make up an individual’s personal financial situation.

BA-411: Investment Planning. Investment Management is a required course for the financial planning certificate. Students will participate in discussions on Moodle and complete a number of miscellaneous assignments created to enhance a deeper understanding of the principles presented in class.

BA-412: Insurance Planning. Insurance Planning is a course designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge base of insurance products and their role in a person’s overall financial well-being.

BA-414: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits. Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits is a course designed to give students a working knowledge of the details and nuances of the vast array of retirement planning vehicles and strategies.

BA-415: Federal Taxation. An application of federal income tax law for individuals and small businesses. Covers common aspects of typical 1040 tax returns including income, deductions and losses, and property transactions.

BA-421: Estate Planning. This course explores complex tax issues with particular focus on federal income tax law related to trusts, estates, and gifts. Also, this course focuses on estate and gift planning as it relates to satisfying the requirements of the CFP exam.

BA-451: Advanced Financial Analysis & Case Studies. Advanced Financial Analysis and Financial Planning is the capstone course in the Financial Planning Certificate. All CFP Board Principle Knowledge Topics and the associated sub-topics will be addressed during this course.

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