Step 4 - Outside Reporting

Outside Scholarship Reporting

All monetary awards from private groups, organizations, churches, etc. whether check or cash received apart from the College, must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Please note that it is the policy of Carroll College to split outside scholarship funds evenly between fall and spring, unless the donor of the scholarship funds designate in writing that the money may be allocated for a single semester only.  You can report private scholarhsips one of three ways.

1.  You can send an email to the Financial Aid Office at with the following information for EACH scholarship you have won: 

  • Name of the scholarship
  • Amount of scholarship
  • Award period of scholarship (fall/spring, fall only, spring only) if you are not sure assume fall/spring
  • Have you personally received the money for this award (yes or no)

Please include your full name and student ID in the email. In addition, submit a copy of the award letter or certificate for each scholarship as documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Documentation is required to reflect pending aid status for your scholarships on your billing statement.

2.  If you have access to MyCarroll-Self Serve you may report your private scholarships in the Financial Aid Section.  Select Report/View Outside Awards in the drop down box.  Next click on the plus sign in front of Add an Award.  Fill in the fields in the pop up box.  Lastly, click on Add Award.  This information will automatically be sent to Carroll College.

3.  The Outside Scholarship Reporting Form may be completed and sent into the Financial Aid Office instead of sending an email.  Please make sure to include all of the information listed above and remember to attach documentation of your awards to the Reporting Form.

Please note it is your responsibility to follow up with the scholarship providers to ensure that the money is sent to Carroll College.  If scholarship funds are not sent to Carroll the student is responsible for paying the balance that remains to the Business Office after the scholarship funds are removed from the student's billing statement.

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