Honors Scholars Program

Absolutely! The Honors Scholars Program encourages all of its students to study abroad.  We will work with you to accommodate your plans!

YES! Most seminars also count as a CORE curriculum requirement, so you don’t get off track while completing this program.

Each HSP student must demonstrate intermediate competence in a foreign language. Students who meet any of the following conditions will satisfy this requirement:

  • Condition A:  Completion of 3 credits of college-level foreign language accepted by Carroll at the level of 204 or above
  • Condition B: Completion of a foreign language to the level of 102 or above and a long-term immersive study abroad experience (minimum 8 weeks); students seeking to satisfy the FL requirement through the completion of a study abroad experience must seek approval from the director of HSP
  • Condition C: A CLEP score that meets or exceeds the following standards: German-67; Spanish-68; French-69; students submitting CLEP results in other language exams must seek approval from the director of HSP
  • Condition D (waiver): This requirement shall be waived for (a) students whose language of secondary school instruction was not English or (b) students who were required to submit a TOEFL score as a condition of admission to the College; any student seeking a waiver must seek approval from the director of HSP

The process is relatively easy! We ask prospective students to provide some personal information and respond to an additional essay question.  Apply to be an Honors Scholar Now

First, all of our courses are discussion-based seminars: this means that we expect students to lead the course of discussion. Honors Scholars faculty serve as tutors in your education: we are there to prod you, guide you, and lend our expertise when necessary—but you take the leading role in your own education! Second, you move through the program with the same group of students. Every semester, your entire class moves to a different course, led by a different faculty member. As result, Honors Scholars students form lifelong friendships, based on a common experience pursuing common interests.

Carroll's Honors scholars program is a Great Books program. Over the course of six semesters, students will study the great works of Western civilization, from Homer to Freud.

Students who love to read, write about, and talk about great books are a great fit for our program. Intellectual curiosity is probably the most important attribute of the successful Honors Scholars student. While the minimum high school GPA for entrance is a 3.5, we seek especially students who want to ask big questions, and explore big ideas!