Carroll College
Gifted Institute

No, however, two recommendation forms must be filled out by school personnel for first-time campers only.

The camp is for those entering 5th grade to entering 9th grade for the coming academic year.  It is not based on the age of the camper. 

For first-time campers, the application begins by submitting two teacher recommendation forms.  Online registration for classes opens on May 1st.

After the recommendations have been received and reviewed, you will be notified of your provisional acceptance into the institute.  You will then need to complete your application when registration opens.  After completing your registration information and selection of classes, you will receive an email verifying your complete acceptance for the Gifted Institute as well as class assignments around 4 weeks after the camp registration opens. 

Returning campers only need to complete the online registration. 

May 1st at noon registration opens for the camp by visiting the website link at carroll.edu/gifted-institute. 

You should provide your child’s teachers with the recommendation forms.  School counselors or principals may also complete the form.  If you have other questions regarding other personnel filling out the forms, please contact Allison at asever@carroll.edu

No.  There is not a requirement to set a doctor’s appointment for the medical release form.  We need to have the parent or guardian sign the form and upload to our website or mail it to:

Gifted Institute, Carroll College
1601 N Benton Ave
Helena, MT 59625. 

We must have this form in order for your child to attend the camp.

First-time campers will be notified of their provisional acceptance into the institute after we have received and reviewed the teacher recommendation forms.  Beginning May 1st at noon, you can pay the deposit and register for classes to complete your application.  Even if we do not receive both recommendations until after the registration opens, you should still register for the Gifted Institute and select classes.  We will hold your spot pending full acceptance until June 1st.  If we do not receive the recommendations by June 1st, your classes will not be reserved, but will be assigned based on availability once we do receive the recommendations. 

Registration opens May 1st at noon.  You can log on to our website at carroll.edu/gifted-institute and fill out the online registration form.  At this time, you pay a $50 non-refundable deposit or you may pay the full tuition amount of $595.  If you only pay the deposit, the remaining balance of $545 is due by July 1st

Classes are reserved based on the time of registration (and if both of the recommendations have been received for first-time campers).  Once the camp is closed, you will receive an email with class assignments.  This typically occurs 4 weeks after registration opens.     

You will receive an email once camp registration has closed and classes have been assigned.  This typically occurs about 4 weeks after registration opens. 

When you fill out your registration form, you may request a roommate.  In order to honor requests, roommates need to be jointly requested (both campers requesting each other).  We do not have triple occupancy room requests that can be honored as the limited triple units we have must be kept available for emergency placements.  Due to Carroll College policy, there are no single occupancy rooms; all campers must have a roommate. 

Groups are generally created around age groups.  All groups have a counselor leader and are separated by gender.  The groups are assigned rooms together and on the same dorm floor. 

Yes.  Campers can be dropped off or picked up by other parties.  You must complete a form to make other arrangements for pick up or drop off. 

We can make arrangements for early pick up of campers.  The sooner we know this information, the better as we do have to make arrangements for the roommate of that camper. Please contact Allison at asever@carroll.edu.

We need to assure that we have staff available for when camper’s arrive late.  Please fill out this form (insert hyperlink to form) to let us know of any late arrivals and/or contact Allison at asever@carroll.edu.

Due to liability and privacy concerns, we cannot coordinate carpooling.  We may be able to create groups on our Facebook page for parties to coordinate that information themselves.