Fischer, Gary

Portrait of Gary Fischer

Associate Professor - Engineering

Joseph A. Maierle and Morrison-Maierle Endowed Professorship in Civil Engineering

Assistant Professor, earned his Master of Science degree from the University of California, Davis. He is a registered Professional Engineer with over 25 years of private consulting and government experience. He specializes in water resources engineering with emphasis in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, environmental engineering, and water structures design.

Mr. Fischer's hobbies include hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, bike riding, and spending time with his wife and three boys.

Courses Taught: Environmental Engineering, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Senior Design Project I & II, Hydrology, and Hydraulics.

Being part of the Carroll College faculty is an honor in itself. Being recognized as a recipient for the Maierle and Morrison-Maierle Endowed Professorship has allowed my career at Carroll College to elevate to a level that encompasses recognition, integrity and the freedom to diversify my influence on students. With funding from the professorship, I have been afforded the freedom to pursue the development of a faculty-led course involving engineering and nursing in New Zealand, and an integrated learning course with the History Department for Water Development in the West.

With regard to scholarship, myself and another local engineer were afforded the chance to prepare a professional continuing education course for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) on Water Distribution Design. I am greatful to be able to be part of these new teaching avenues, which would not be possible without the professorship funding. It has opened up a spectrum of opportunities beyond my normal duties and has added variety that might not be possible without the added funding. My career and interaction with students has been expanded nd energized. I am doubly honored and greatful.

Master of Science degree from the University of California, Davis