Amber Andriolo

Amber Andriolo photo

Visiting Instructor

Amber Andriolo is a visiting professor at Carroll College in the Psychology Department after serving as an adjunct professor for the past year and owns and operates a private practice in Helena. Amber has been in the mental health field for over seven years serving as a Co-occurring therapist with Intermountain Children's Home where she conducted psychotherapy as well as other evidenced based practices. She specializes in trauma and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Her wish is to help others find ways to cope and heal through life's adversities in a way that is validating and true to themselves. She is passionate about serving her community, as well as underserved populations. Amber has extensive experience and training working with adolescents, veterans, the LGBTQIA population, domestic violence and trauma victims. Throughout her career she has treated anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, DID, bipolar, addiction, eating disorders, postpartum issues, grief, and suicide loss.