Amanda Francis

Portrait of Amanda Francis

Phone: 406-447-5508

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, earned her B.S. in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics from the University of Utah (2002), M.S. (2005) and PhD (2012) from Brigham Young University. 

Dr. Francis loves all things algebraic, especially abstract algebra, linear algebra, algebraic geometry, and spectral graph theory. She has also published research in mirror symmetry related to string theory and commutative Schur rings. She loves working with outreach programs including summer math camps, Saturday MathCircles, MathCounts, and other local and national mathematics competitions.   Recently, Dr. Francis has been involved in developing data science curricular guidelines, and is excited to be a part of Carroll’s upcoming program in data analytics.

Outside of work Dr. Francis enjoys relaxing with family, reading, running, and cooking.