Communications Department Student Assistant

Communications Department Student Assistant

Department:  Communications

Duties and Responsibilities: Office assistant to Brent - Sizzling opportunity! Tasks included budget spreadsheet work (excel), office organizational work. Top skills: dependability and time management.

Employment Specifications:  Work-Study

Approximate Hours/Week:  15 to 20 hours per week

Special Time/Schedule Requirements:  Flexible

Length of Employment:  Academic Year

Wage Rate:  $10.00/hour

Contact Brent Northup, or text at (406) 459-2371 - Email or text, and I’ll send a short application form – GPA, previous jobs, year, major, computer skills, etc. You can indicate the highlights (20 words or less) of your life in your text expressing interest.

Carroll Campus
Dates Posted: 
9/1/2022 to 10/31/2022
Employment type: 
Local Opportunity: