Athletic Events Ticket Seller

Athletic Events Ticket Seller

Department:  Athletics

Duties and Responsibilities: Sell tickets at Carroll College athletic events.

Qualifications:  Need to be comfortable using Ipods and Ipads for online ticketing platform.

Employment Specifications:  Work-Study preferred, but not required

Approximate Hours/Week:  5 to 10 hours per week

Special Time/Schedule Requirements:  Must be able to work evening and weekends at home athletic events. 

Length of Employment:  Academic Year

Wage Rate:  $10.00/hour

Supervisor:  Conlan Burk, Coordinator of Athletic Communications, Marketing, and In-Game Operations.  Please send an email of interest stating your year in school, Major and hometown.

Contact Information:

Carroll Campus
Dates Posted: 
9/1/2022 to 10/31/2022
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