Carroll College would like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of Lou Antonick and Neal Kohler from Helena Fire Department in developing our Campus Emergency Plan and identifying the necessary training programs for our employees and students.

The following resources are credited with the text found in this plan:

Emergency Action Plan, State Capital Complex, State of Montana, for sections on Alarms, Bomb Threats/Bomb Explosion, Bomb Threat Checklist, Campus Building Action Tam, Communication Procedures, Definitions, Evacuation--Building, Evacuation--Campus, Evacuation--Disabled Individuals, Earthquake, Fire Safety, Request for Assistance, Shelter-in-Place, and Suspicious Envelope or Package.

Emergency Action Plan and Emergency Protocol Policy, Helena College, University of Montana, for sections on Drills on Campus, Emergency Resources, and Outside Agencies Provided a Copy of the Plan.

Emergency Action Plan, Conneticutt College, for sections on Natural Gas Leak and Weather--Severe Conditions.

Emergency Action Plan, University of Pacific, for sections on Hazardous Chemical Spill and Hostage Situation.

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