In the event that a shelter-in-place is advised, all occupants will remain in the designated areas until the "all clear" is announced.

All the doors to the exterior portions of the building should be closed after employees have gathered in the central location.

The primary shelter-in-place areas for campus buildings are:

Building                            Shelter-in-Place Locations
All Saints ChapelLower Level, Fireplace Room
Borromeo HallBasement Recreation Room
Campus ApartmentsLiving Room, Each Apartment
Campus CenterAll Saints Hall, Lower Level
Campus HousesLiving Room, Each House
Civil EngineeringLab
Corette LibraryUpper Level
Guad HallGuad Chapel, Lower Level
Nelson StadiumConcessions Concourse
O'Connell HallO'Connell 107
PE CenterGymnasium
Simperman HallWeigand Auditorium
St. Albert HallLiving Room
St. Charles Hall-MainSub-Main Hallway
St. Charles Hall-SouthMain Lobby
Trinity HallMain Lounge

Accounting For People During Shelter-in-Place

A process for pinpointing where employees, students and guests are lcoated during an incident, emergency or disaster can be achieved by the following:

  • Everyone will report to the designated shelter-in-place area. Once at the shelter-in-place area, floor leaders will report to the Building Action Team Coordinator the status of employees, students and guests.
  • The Building Action Team Coordinator will be responsible for accounting for all team members.
  • The Building Action Team Coordinator will be the main point of contact for anyone requesting the status and accountability of employees, students and guests.
  • If an employee needs any assistance in the shelter-in-place location, any member of the Building Action Team can be the point of contact.

The Campus Center has been designated as the primary safe relocation area for employees, students and guests once assembled and accounted in the shelter-in-place in a campus building if the building needs to be evacuated. The PE Center will be the secondary safe relocation area if the Campus Center is not available. The safe relcoation area is used during inclement weather or when employees are unable to re-enter the building or leave the area due to any incident, emergency or disaster. The Building Action Team Coordinator will make logistical requests for food, water and supplies.