Lockdown - Campus

A campus lockdown is a form of "Shelter-in-Place" that is utilized to limit human exposure to a life-threatening, hostile, or hazardous situation or threat.

Notification of a campus lockdown will be communicated via email, posting on the Student Life web page and via Regroup, the emergency notification system, to all employees and students. During a campus lockdown, be advised that emergency personnel may be responding to the campus. All campus buildings are to be locked to prevent entrance from unauthorized persons.

  • Exterior entrances of buildings are to be locked by Facilities staff, Community Living staff, or Securitas officers.
  • Students in campus housing are to remain in their rooms with the doors locked.
  • Staff are to remain in their offices, or a secure area, preferably without windows with the doors locked if possible.
  • Faculty are to remain in their classroom with the door locked or barricaded, where possible.
  • Wait for notification that the building is safe frm Emergency Responders or the college's Emergency Response Team.

Role of Faculty and Staff in a Lockdown

During a building lockdown, a faculty or staff member may:

  • Detain students in the classroom.
  • Check the halls and clear hallways of individuals.
  • Keep students calm.
  • Keep an attendance log of all students in the room and update throughout the lockdown if necessary.
  • Keep student secure by locking windows and doors or barricading the entry to the room.
  • Monitor Emergency Alerts on cell phones including text messages, email and voice mails.