Lockdown - Building

A lockdown is a form of "Sheltering-in-Place" that is utilized to limit human exposure to life-threatening, hostile, or hazardous situation or threat.

A building lockdown prevents persons from entry to the campus building. If you are in a building when a lockdown has been initiated, remain in the building. Remember to follow these procedures:

  1. Remain inside the building. Do not open exterior doors to unknown persons.
  2. If outside, move to the nearest building. 
  3. Stay away from windows and doors.
  4. Lock doors, if possible, or barricade doors taking cover to protect yourself.
  5. Remain quiet and in place until notified by Emergency Responders.
  6. Silence cell phones and do not use them unless you are in contact with Emergency Responders.
  7. Get down and remain silent.
  8. Wait for notification that the building is safe from Emergency Responders, the college's Emergency Response Team, or your Building Action Team.

Role of Faculty and Staff in Lockdown

During a building lockdown, a faculty or staff member may:

  • Detain students in the classroom.
  • Check the halls and clear hallways of individuals.
  • Keep students calm.
  • Keep an attendance log of all students in the room and update throughout the lockdown if necessary.
  • Keep students secure by locking windows and doors or barricading the entry to the room.
  • Monitor Emergency Alerts on cell phones including text messages, email and voice mail messages.