Firearms Discharge/Shooter on Campus

If you hear the discharge of a firearm in a campus building or on the campus grounds, please call 911 immediately.

To protect your safety:

  • Run
  • Hide
  • Fight
  1. If you are able to safely exit the building, please do do and alert others as quietly and as efficiently as possible. Find a safe location to relocate to that is away from the location where you heard the discharge of a firearm.
  2. If you are unable to safely exit the building, remain there and find a place to hide.
  3. Campus lockdown instructions will be sent by text message, voice mail and/or campus email.
  4. Lock the room door from the inside or barricade the door if possible.
  5. Turn off lights, get down on the floor and remain quiet--including silencing your cell phone.
  6. Stay away from windows and entrances to the building.
  7. Do not open exterior doors to unknown persons.
  8. Stay calm and do not approach the shooter.
  9. If the shooter enters your area, make every attempt to disarm the shooter or run to the nearest exit.
  10. Wait for notification from Emergency Responders or from the college's Emergency Response Team that the building is safe.
  11. Provide assistance to others as needed.