Fire Safety

Reporting A Fire

1. Immediately activate the building's fire alarm system by pulling the nearest fire alarm pull box. All employees must know the location of the nearest fire alarm pull box to their work area. Begin evacuation of the building.

2. If the alarm system has not activated, begin the evacuation of the building.

3. Call 911 from a safe location and provide the following infromation:

  • Building address
  • Location of the fire (floor, office, room, etc.)
  • Size of the fire
  • Any known injuries
  • Evacuation in progress

Exit the Building

1. Exit the building as quickly as possible using the primary or secondary evacuation routes.

  • Do not use the elevators.
  • If you are in an elevator when an alarm sounds, exit the elevator at the next stop. Proceed to the nearest exit from the building.
  • If possible and safe to do so, close windows and doors into corridors to contain the fire.

2. If you encounter smoke, drop down to the floor and stay low until you reach the exit.

3. Attempt to extinguish the fire only if:

  • You have been trained in the use of a portable fire extinguisher.
  • The fire can be easily extinguished using a portable fire extinguisher.
  • Your safety and the safety of others is not at risk.

Do not attempt to re-enter the building until authorized to do so by the Fire Department or the college's Emergency Response Team.

Where To Go After You Exit the Building

1. Immediately proceed to your pre-dtermined assembly area. You will be directed to a secondary location if necessary.

2. Once you have reached the assembly area, follow the directions of the Building Action Team members.

3. Building Action Team members will account for everyone's presence and report the information to a member of the college's Emergency Response Team or Incident Commander.

4. Do not leave the assembly area or return to the building until you are officially notifed by the Emergency Responders or the college's Emergency Response Team.

5.  Inform Emergency Responders if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building.