In the case of a fire alarm, all Carroll College employees, students and guests must evacuate the campus building.

In the event of an incident, emergency or disaster, Carroll College may alert employees, students and guests by:

  • Fire alarm system
  • Verbal announcement by Carroll co-workers or supervisors
  • Email, voice mail or posted message on the college's website.

All occupants of a campus building will react to any alarm, alert or notification by evacuating the building and moving to the assembly location identified in this campus emergency plan.

The fire alarm system may be sounded by smoke and/or heat detection or the activation of a manual pull station. The audible sound and, if available, strobe light, is emitted from devices located throughout the building.

Employees having knowledge of an incident, emergency or disaster affecting the building will alert others to take protective measures. This knowledge may be gained by use of the reverse 911 system available in Lewis and Clark County.

Assembly Areas After Evacuating Campus Buildings

Carroll College employees, students and guests may be asked to evacuate a building. If so, please evacuate the building to the designated assembly location, report any missing individuals to the Building Action Team Coordinator and await further instructions.

The designated assembly area for each campus building is:

Building                               Assembly Area
Anthrozoology HouseTrinity Hall, Main Lounge
Borromeo HallCampus Center, Upper Level
Campus ApartmentsFortin Science Center, Scola Lounge
Campus CenterTrinity Hall, Main Lounge
Campus HousesCampus Center, Upper Level
Civil EngineeringFortin Science Center, Scola Lounge
Corette LibraryGuad Hall, Main Lounge
Facilities HouseTrinity Hall, Main Lounge
Guad HallPE Center, Gym
Nelson StadiumPE Center, Gym
O'Connell HallCampus Center, Upper Level
All Saints ChapelCorette Library, Upper Level
PE CenterNelson Stadium, Concessions Concourse
ROTC HouseTrinity Hall, Main Lounge
Simperman HallCampus Center, Upper Level
 St. Albert HallSt. Charles Hall, Lobby
 St. Charles HallCampus Center, Upper Level
 Trinity HallCampus Center, Upper Level
WaterbarnFortin Science Center, Scola Lounge

If the designated assembly area is unavailable, please use the Campus Center, Upper Level, as the primary assembly area. The secondary assembly area will be the PE Center, Gym.

All employees are required to remain at the assembly area location until instructed otherwise.