Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and response is a shared responsibility. Carroll College provides informational regarding emergency preparedness and response to the campus via the college's web site and printed materials. Employees, students and guests of Carroll College should commit to personal preparedness and, because general preparedness guidelines may not apply in every emergency, should integrate their own preparedness activities with the circumstances of an emergency.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind during emergency situations:

  • Be positive and realistic.
  • Recognize that you may be on your own for part of the time during an emergency.
  • Realize that your actions can, and will, make a difference.
  • Try to do the most good for the most people during any emergency.

Emergency Messaging SystemRegroup-MN-Logo.jpg

Carroll College is using a system called Regroup for sending emergency notifications. This is a web-based notification system that enables direct and quick communication with students, faculty and staff via telephone and email. 

What information do we collect?

We provide your Carroll College email address and your cell phone number, however, to fully participate in this system, students, faculty and staff need to provide the College with key contact information such as a cell phone number and an email address in addition to a Carroll email. 

How do you actually update your Emergency Notification Information?

You can use the Regroup website directly to update your information. The steps to update your information are as follows:

  • Click on the Emergency Notification (Regroup Notification) button on your OKTA Dashboard or visit https://carroll.regroup.com
  • Choose Sign in
  • Sign in using the same Username and Password you use to sign on to the Carroll College network.

What kinds of notifications will the College send out?

There are currently three levels of alerts that may possibly be sent out using the Regroup notification system.

  • Green Alert - An informational level alert that will be non-emergency in nature. The College will send these notices out periodically to be able to familiarize everyone with the system as well as dispensing important information to all.
  • Yellow Alert  - An incident level alert for information that may not yet be a full emergency but may be needed to ensure the safety of those on campus.
  • Red Alert - An emergency level of alert and will be used only in actual emergency situations, where the safety of individuals is at risk.

Be assured the information that is collected by Regroup is not shared with any outside parties. The college will use this information only to help ensure your safety as a student on the Carroll College campus.

For any questions regarding using the Regroup website, please call the CCIT Help Desk @ 406.447.4357.