Secondary Education Major or Minor

Secondary Education at Carroll College

What to Expect

Carroll’s teacher education program for secondary education (grades 5-12) requires you to complete either a broadfield major or a major and a minor. If you are interested in pursuing a secondary education degree, you should contact a faculty member within your elected field of study, and you also must seek additional counsel from an advisor within the Education Department.

Carroll’s reputation for excellent academic programs in a wide range of disciplines will ensure that you gain the depth of understanding you need to be effective in the classroom (the content), while the education faculty will provide you with consistent evaluation and feedback, coach you through your student teaching placements, and give you the skills you need to become an excellent educator (the pedagogy).

Pursuit of a secondary education degree requires acceptance into Carroll’s teacher education program. The requirements for the many secondary education degree options can be accessed by following the appropriate links listed below:

More Information

Please see the Carroll Course Catalog for more information regarding our minors. Note: our two most popular minors for Secondary Education are Reading and Special Education.

Ask an Education Professor

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