Elementary & Special Education Combined Major

Elementary Education and Special Education at Carroll College

What to Expect

Our Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education (K-12) combined program prepares you to teach effectively in the many content areas required for elementary education, and also provides you with an essential understanding of child development and learner behavior. Our curriculum is carefully designed to set you up for success in the K-8 classroom setting, especially working with students with special needs P-12.

Pursuit of an elementary education degree requires acceptance into Carroll’s teacher education program. Review the requirements for a degree in elementary education and special education.

Life After Graduation

Beyond being highly prepared for the elementary age classroom in both the private and public school settings, opportunities are available in the fields of writing, editing, adminstration, and counseling, as well as in the business field as a trainer or salesperson.

Carroll will help you develop strong teaching skills that would aid in any profession for which education and training is required, especially in a field working with those with special needs.


Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole student.  Students get many opportunities to experience the classroom and develop skills that will result in a job as a skilled professional.