Duncan - Adoption pending

This year Duncan and his fosters have been working on basic obedience and getting him to fit well into the foster’s lives. He is a beautiful black and white husky mix with the most striking blue eyes you’ll ever see. Duncan is very intelligent and teachable, and he picks up on obedience behaviors and tricks very quickly. He is very athletic and eager to be outside and run or play. His fosters have even trained him to jump through hula hoops and do burpees to help get his energy out every day. We are hoping to work on skijoring or some kind of pulling with Duncan next semester to let his husky side shine and run to his heart's content. Duncan could adjust to many different living environments as long as he get enough exercise and stimulation. He would probably do better within a house with a yard but he would be happy with someone who has an active lifestyle. He would be very able and willing to go on any kind of adventure with his new family.

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