Film Fabric Technique

100 dpi triangle image pattern

100 dpi triangle gradient pattern.pngDirections: Left click on the 100 dpi triangle image pattern below and copy it into Microsoft Paint or equivilent application (like Paintbrush).

Materials List

  1. Three 100 dpi triangle image patterns printed out on an overhead transparency (See video description below for a link to the 100 dpi triangle image pattern)
  2. One 6-inch diameter Embroidery hoop
  3. One yard of 230 tpi monofilament polyester silk screen mesh (tpi = threads per inch)
  4. One Speedball diazo photo emulsion kit that contains:  7 oz of photo emulsion, 1 oz of photo emulsion sensitizer, and 8 oz of photo emulsion remover.
  5. One 4-inch Squeegee
  6. One standard overhead projector with a 360W halogen bulb (Remove the Fresnel lens from the projector)
  7. Three different metal ink solutions plus the two ink solutions for your Fe and Cu internal standards.
    • The ink solutions are 0.5 M metal nitrate salts dissolved in "ink base" solution
    • To make 500 ml of Ink base solution for silk screening: Add 150 mL of ethylene glycol and 12.89 g of               polyethylene glycol into a 500 mL volumetric flask.  Then add distilled water to the 500 mL volumetric flask until the final volume of the mixture is 500 mL (i.g. dilute to volume).
  8. Fluorine doped Tin Oxide (FTO) glass plates (3”x3")(TEC15)
  9. Objects to lift up the silk screen to provide off-contact (to be explained later in the video-- having a few extra FTO glass plates will suffice)
  10. One Sharpie pen
  11. One glass scribe pen
  12. Tape or Staples
  13. Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

Info about Off-Contact