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Financial Aid Documents


2019-2020 Special Circumstance Form

When you completed the 2019-2020 FAFSA, it provided us your financial situation at the time you completed the form.

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet Dependent Student

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet Dependent Student

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet Independent Student

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet for Independent Student

2019-2020-Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

2019-2020 - Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

Consortium Contractual Agreement

Choose this form if you plan to enroll at a host institution for Carroll College credits.

Employer Matching Grant

Download the following form if you plan to participate in the Employer Matching Grant Program at Carroll College.

Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Form

Choose this form to request a tax return transcript from the IRS.

FERPA Release of Personally Identifiable and Confidential Information Form

Carroll College can only release certain academic record information to the student unless the student completes a FERPA Release of information form for Business Office and Financial Aid Office rel

Housing and Meal Plan Appeal Student Release of Information Form

Choose this form if you wish to file an appeal to live off-campus or waive the meal plan.

Matched Education Savings Account Program

Full-time MT student with earned income and low family income.

Military Educational Benefits Questionnaire

NOTE: Your financial aid package is tentative pending final...

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

If you have experienced extenuating circumstances that prevented you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress, complete this form.

Summer School Withdrawal Form

Students who withdrwawal from a summer school course or courses must complete the summer school withdrawal form.

Undocumented Student Financial Aid Form

Undocumented students who have been accepted for admission must complete this paper form in order for the Financial Aid Director to determine financial need.

Withdrawal Checklist Form

Choose this form to review the required steps that must be completed before withdrawing from Carroll College.


Federal IRS 1098T Education Tax Benefits Flyer

Choose this form for information about federal education tax benefits.

Federal Tax Return Transcripts Overview

The tax transcript is a simplified version of the completed return and serves as a document to prove that a person has filed a particular tax return.

Financial Aid Glossary

Choose this form for a description of financial aid terms.

Financial Aid Timeline

Choose this form for an overview of financial aid timelines.

IRS Data Retrieval Overview

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows certain applicants to transfer information directly from the IRS’ database into the FAFSA.

Loans: Private Student Loan vs Parent PLUS Loans

The comparison chart will help you understand the features and benefits of each type of loan.

NASFAA Student Aid Quick Reference Sheet

Choose this form for a summary of financial aid information.

Parent Plus Loan Denial Counseling

If a parent is denied approval for a Federal Parent PLUS Loan, their student becomes eligible for an additional Federal Stafford Unsubsidized loan ranging from $4,000 to $5,000 per year.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Questions

Choose this link for a listing of common questions and answers in regard to Satisfactory Academic Progress policies.

TEACH Grant Fact Sheet

Choose this form form information about the TEACH Grant.

Undocumented students - NASFAA tip sheet

Undocumented students face unique challenges in their quest to obtain a postsecondary education.  This tip sheet is designed to help students with some of the pressing questions they have whil

Work-Study Guidelines

Choose this form for information about Federal Work-study.

Yellow Ribbon Information Sheet

Choose this form form information about the VA Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon Program.