Grateful Saints

Senior Grateful Saints

To be recognized for your commitment to Carroll during graduation weekend, make a donation of $20.17 or more by March 3, 2017. You will receive a star on your alumni walk brick and show your gratitude by giving back to future generations of Saints.

Grateful Saints
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Ways to Give

  • Give online
  • Find a Senior Grateful Saints leader.
  • Drop off your gift in St. Albert’s Hall room 215.
  • Stop by the giving table in the Campus Center on March 1 and 2, 2017.

We are Grateful Saints

Carroll’s Student Philanthropy Education Program

stu·dent—stood’nt, noun
1. person studying: somebody who studies at a school, college, or university
2. knowledgeable or interested person: somebody who has studied or takes much interest in a particular subject

phi-lan-thro-py— fi-lan-thruh-pe, noun
1. the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations
2. the giving of your time, talent, or treasure

ed·u·ca·tion— èjj káysh’n, noun
1. educating: the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar

Am I a Grateful Saint?

If you are a Carroll student who is grateful for student scholarships, financial aid help, going to school on a beautiful campus, having updated labs and computers on campus, having great professors, Carroll’s recreational facilities, renovations in residence halls, Carroll’s library... then you are a GRATEFUL SAINT!

Grateful Saints are students who are appreciative of their Carroll experience as a whole. These students realize that Carroll would not be the place it is today without the support of donors. Donors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the years to ensure that Carroll students receive the best education possible. Donors include alumni, parents, and friends of Carroll, faculty and staff members, local businesses, corporations, foundations and members of the senior class. These donors truly care about you and your education. Funds are raised for Carroll students through the IMPACT Annual Fund. Contributions to the IMPACT Annual Fund support every Carroll student’s education. Even if you pay all tuition costs and didn’t receive financial aid, your education was subsidized by these gifts. Annual Fund donors have enabled the college to strengthen its programs for the benefit of every student.

Contributors to your education are dedicated to continuing Carroll College’s tradition of excellence. They are proud to see what quality education students at Carroll receive and are eager to see Carroll’s outstanding reputation continue. Take a moment to realize how many people have given their time and treasure to ensure your education is nothing short of excellent. Take a moment to be a Grateful Saint!

Questions about the Grateful Saints?

Kellie Dold
(406) 447-4321

Senior Grateful Saint Donors 2016

Jessica Ackeret, Dain Adams, Ashley Ahlgren, Katelynn Alcarex, Dillon Armstrong, Ryan Armstrong, Rebecca Baggs, Kayla Bayer, Mary Bell, Jordan Blaine, Andrew Blum, Michael Blum, Andrea Borja, Briana Carlin, Sapphire Carter, Abigail Centola, Hadley Chambers, Alexander Chopyak, Stephanie Christensen, Zane Clark, Alaina Clarke, Sydne Cook, Anna Cottrill, Cory Crouser, Ceder Cumin, Kilian Cunniff, Jennifer Dalrymple, Virginia Davis, Ashley De La Cruz, Kyle Demsher, Scott Dohm, Kathryn Donner, Olivia Dulteski, Daniel East, Michael Elliott, Gabrielle Farmer, Antonio Fazio, Cory Felde, Juliana Forte, Anna French, William French, Katelyn Friedt, Holly Galen, Alexis Gerry, Julianne Goldammer, Jacob Gormley Johnson, Elena Haeussermann, Allayna Hagen, Halie Hash, Emma Hayes, Eileen Heilman, Marissa Hewitt, Nathan Hinrichs, Anna Hoerner, Allyson Hollingsworth, Brian Hom, Claire Hooper, Jacob Horn, Lauren Howard Snodgrass, Devan Hromcik, Ben Jensen, Valerie Johnson, Sophia Johnston, Eleanor Kaplita, Michael Keil, Kristen Kirking, Desirae Kivett, Christopher Knoll, Haileigh Kochis, Tyler Krell, Alyssa Kresge, Kolter Kukes, Michael Lavin, Sarah Leonhardt, Tessa Littlefield, Jill Love, Baili Lubke, Nicholas Lumetta, Travis Mahoney, Tyler Melville, Amelia Menke, Christopher Michael, Nicholas Modrow, Bethany Mull, Nicole Munoz, Cody Noffsinger, Carlee Norbeck, Matthew Nugent, Madison O'Dell, Emily Olson, Albert Olszewski, Elise Parker, Madison Parker, Taylor Peck, Ashley Pecora, Catherine Penaskovic, John Perkins, Jennifer Perry, Nicole Persons, Camille Phillips, Coltan Pipinich, Alexa Pyette, Alexander Ritter, Amanda Roberts, Zachary Rossman, Emily Rosson, Kelly Rostratter Baarley, Megan Rotz, Emma Russell, Garrett Tyerson, Kylee Sabo, Stephen Schmidt, Jennifer Schuman, Lauren Scofield, Jordan Sheppard, Alexandria Shinaut, Dmitry Shulga, Cheyenne Smith, Connor Smith, Conor Smith, Sarah Snyder, Bobbi Soper, Taylor South, Morgan Spear, Anthony Stanfel, Makayla Stewart, Halstyn Stief, Mark Stiffler, Joseph Stoutt, Amber Stouf, David Stufflebeam, Keegan Sugimura, Cody Tredik, Lisa Valdez, Dallas VanLuchene, Brenna VanPaepedhem, Diana Vargas, Melanie Vert, Lacee Vossler, Alyssa Walker, Jillian Walsh, Caitlin Walter, Marian Wendel, Natasha Yearous, Kelsey Yost, Alison Zimmerman, Steven Zychla