SP 410G - Topics: Span/Latin Am Film GD

SP 410G - Topics: Span/Latin Am Film GD

3.00 Cr
Students will view various Spanish and Latin American films produced during the second half of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century and considering these cultural productions in conjunction with readings on current events affecting the Hispanic World concerning social issues, artistic and aesthetic production and theoretical considerations of filmmaking. During classroom activities and discussions, students will analyze texts and films in terms of their subject matter, cinematic and technical style, historical and contemporary resonance, critical and popular reception, the filmmakers' background and vision, and secondary critical sources. Students will engage with the presented material through class discussion, oral presentations as well as producing a final analytical paper in Spanish. This course is taught in Spanish.

Fulfills Global or National Diversity requirement depending on topic.

Taught Fall, Even.

Prerequisites: SP 303, SP 305 and SP 306 or permission of the instructor.

Hallows, Ryan