Course Descriptions

International Relations Courses

IR 425 - IR Internship

1.00 Cr
Students participate as interns at relevant organizations and agencies arranged in consultation with the director of Carroll's International Relations program. Only 6 internship credits may be applied to the International Relations major.

IR 495 - Senior Seminar (WI)

3.00 Cr
A capstone seminar in which students demonstrate broad and deep understanding of their major and mastery of research methods by writing original research papers. Students write on complex topics and collaborate with peers and faculty to improve their work and make a novel contribution to scholarship.

IR 499 - Senior Thesis

1.00 Cr
In order to graduate with honors in international relations, a student is required to complete an honors thesis. The thesis work for honor students is designed to encourage creative thinking and to stimulate individual research. Interested students should decide upon a thesis project as early as possible in the junior year so that adequate attention may be given to the project. In order to be eligible to apply to write a thesis, a student must have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 based upon all courses completed at Carroll College and any courses accepted for transfer credit from other institutions. Applications and further information are available in the Office of Academic Affairs. Note: If the thesis credits exceed the credit limit, the charge for additional credits will be waived.