Course Descriptions

Anthropology Courses

AN 189 - Special Topic

1.00 Cr
Special Topics courses include ad-hoc courses on various selected topics that are not part of the regular curriculum, however they may still fulfill certain curricular requirements. Special topics courses are offered at the discretion of each department and will be published as part of the semester course schedule - view available sections for more information. Questions about special topics classes can be directed to the instructor or department chair.

AN 204 - Cultural Anthropology

3.00 Cr
Cultural Diversity, Social Science. This course will introduce students to culture as a framework for understanding similarities and differences in behavior and values in human societies. The class will look at communities and cultures from around the globe to give a cross-cultural understanding of human behavior.

AN 208 - The Family (ND)

3.00 Cr
Social Science. An anthropological and sociological investigation of the marriage and family institutions in various cultures and their influences upon both individuals and social organizations. Analysis of family communications; one?s choices in relationships; parenting; life transitions; and the roles of gender, property, power, and love in marriage and family.

AN 218 - Intro Native Am Studies(CDND)

3.00 Cr
Cultural Diversity, Social Science. This course covers a broad range of prehistoric, historic, and cultural issues pertaining to American Indians. The course will cover diversity among tribes including political organization, social organization, economics, subsistence, and current issues.

AN 317 - Ethnic & Racial Relations(ND)

3.00 Cr
Social Science. An anthropological and sociological examination of ethnic and racial relations and identities within and between different socio-cultural groups. This includes an analysis of beliefs about ethnicity and race, focusing on their development through historical processes.

AN 331 - Social Sci Rsrch Methods(WI)

3.00 Cr
An overview of the principles, methods, and practice of research in the social sciences. The course will assist students in research design, case studies, conducting field research, analyzing and evaluating their research data, conducting needs assessment, program evaluation, and practice effectiveness.